The Star Newsletter

April 2017

Dates to Remember

Spring Break: April 3 - April 7

ISTEP Part 2: April 17 - May 3

Midterms: April 21

March's Newsworthy Classrooms


There's a bright golden haze on the meadows of Western Boone. After countless hours of rehearsing, Western Boone students put on three spectacular shows of the popular musical, Oklahoma.

"I am so incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication demonstrated by our wonderful cast. The students were such a joy to work with and I am extremely impressed with their musical and personal growth. They focused on putting on a wonderful performance and made the rehearsal process so enjoyable! These students were such a blessing!" - Ms. Long

"This was the best senior class I have ever worked with in a musical. They were professional, reliable, and made sure everyone was included!" - Mrs. Newton

"One of my favorite moments from the musical was getting to know more people that I haven't had a chance to talk to before and being able to get out of my comfort zone since I never really danced or sang before, but I enjoyed acting so I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad I did." - Charlie Warburton

The Reality Store

Big image

8th and 12th grade students got a dose of reality as they worked with community volunteers to maintain a budget and pay their monthly bills as part of the Reality Store organized by Mr. Smith.

"It's going really well today. The kids are taking it very seriously. The whole idea is to teach them the importance of education and its connection to the jobs that will be available to them." - Mr. Smith

"It's a rude awakening. You think you have plenty of money, but then you realize how expensive things are." - Korby Petro

"It was a good experience. I learned that it's a lot harder to manage money than I thought." - Kaden Landers

"I love how seriously the students are taking this whole experience. They are really weighing their options at each booth to make important decisions." - Ann Hendricks

Meet Smooth

smooth the police dog

Zino, or "Smooth," is a narcotics-detecting, 2-year-old German shepherd that will be assisting school resource officer, Jeremy McClaine, keep illegal drugs and tobacco out of the Western Boone schools. Smooth is also trained in tracking and obedience. Watch the video above to learn the do's and don'ts around Smooth.

"I think that the new K-9 is a good way to reinforce our no drug policy. I don't think that Webo has a major drug problem, but I do think that bringing in the K-9 will stop the problem altogether." - Heather Clark

"The less drugs, the better. Bringing in a police dog to sniff out narcotics is a great idea in my opinion." - Nathaniel Finch

“This is an opportunity for us to show a positive influence to the community that we are taking those steps to try to keep drugs out of our school system and out of our county.” - Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen

"The addition of the K-9 will continue the proactive effort to maintain a safe, secure and uninterrupted learning environment for students, staff and administration of Western Boone Schools." - Captain Deb Martin

Senior Ads

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Senior advertisements are placed in the back of the yearbook, along with our other company advertisements, as a congratulatory ad for seniors whose parents would like to purchase one. Any parent or group of seniors may purchase an advertisement. All money spent on the advertisement helps with the cost of the yearbook. If interested, contact Luci Evans or Ms. Weber by Wednesday April 12th. For additional questions, please contact Luci Evans at or Whitney Weber at


Full page - $150

1/2 page - $85

1/4 page - $60

1/8 page - $35

Counselor's Corner

Scheduling for next school year is almost complete! Students should receive a list of courses they are enrolled in for next school year on Friday, March 31st that are to be signed by a guardian and returned to the Guidance Department by April 21st. Changes to schedules for the 2017-2018 school year will not be accepted after that date, so please look over them carefully.

Most applications for scholarship consideration have now expired. Awards will be announced and presented during WeBo Honor Night on May 10th, 2017 at 7pm in the auditorium. We are so proud of all our seniors for their efforts this school year and encourage them to keep working hard and finish this school year strong.

Lastly, we hope everyone has a fun and safe Spring Break! Your mental health is important, so please enjoy this time to get away and relax, but make good decisions while doing so. Remember, the things you post on social media or send on Snapchat can become permanent parts of your digital footprint and be shared with more eyes than you originally intended. Be smart!

LOL of the Month

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