Self Reflection

Cody Flowers

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Career Clusters

Health Science- Is promoting health and wellness or diagnosing and treating injuries or diseases.

Manufacturing- In manufacturing, you may design new products. You also can determine how to make new products.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources- I like being outdoors and working in agriculture would be a great field to be in. Selling and making products in agriculture could be a field I am interested in.

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My Key Interests

Realistic- I enjoy working with practical and hands on things. I like working with real world materials and enjoy being outdoors.

Investigative- this involves more thinking and problem solving. I would like this because it makes you search for facts and solve problems.

Social- social interests involve assisting others and promoting learning. Communication is preferred in this field.

My Personality Traits

Extraverted- means that I enjoy being around people more than being alone. They are generally more social and like to be the center of attention.

Sensing- means that the person is a concrete thinker. They are a very realistic person and are very practical.

Thinking- thinking people are people that make decisions based on facts and judge it by using logic. I consider myself a thinker because I use logic often when making a crucial decision.

Judging- these are people that like order and have things organized. Judging people generally seek closure in things.

My Top Very Satisfying Skills

1. Dependability: because I am a very dependable person. I can be counted on to be on time to places and do the right thing.

2. Integrity: because I am a very honest person and have strong morals. I also have good work ethics.

3. Creativity: I am a creative person who likes to do my own thing. I like coming up with good ideas and this is a very important skill that I have.

4. Speaking: I am comfortable communicating with others and like to be a social person. It is a good quality that I have and can really help me in my future.

5. Listening: this is a good skill I have because I am good at paying attention to detail. All of that comes from listening and being keen on certain things.

Work Importance Locator

Achievement: People which achievement is important and they like to see the results of their work and to use their abilities. They like to get a feeling of accomplishment from their work.

Relationships: People in which relationships are important. They like to work in a friendly, non-competitive environment. They like to do things for other people.

Recognition: People who like recognition, it is very important to them. They like to work in jobs that have good opportunities for them to advance, be recognized for their work, and direct and teach others in their field.

What did I learn about myself?

In this assessment I learned that their are many different career pathways I can choose. I am specifically interested in health science or agriculture. I now know some of the skills that I will need for these career fields and that will benefit me greatly in the future. I got an idea of a couple of jobs that I am interested also. I would like to become either a forester or a physician assistant.

Careers I am Interested In

Forester/ DNR Officer

Physician Assistant

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