January Newsletter

Team Schick - Purses, Parties, Possibilities

One Month In

We are one month in to the new Spring Catalog!! Did you know that the NEW Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote was the #2 seller for January at $35? And now you can get it for just $10!?! Don't let your customers miss this opportunity.

An idea...contact everyone that has purchased the old Org. Utility Tote from you. Tell them about it's improvements. They can get 2 for $45. Plus ALL embroidery is just $5, all month long (lil' expressions, awareness ribbons and icons!)

**Wouldn't you love if Nordstrom called you to tell you that your favorite jeans were 70% off?! Make yourself stand out with great customer service.

January Results

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Top in Team Schick

Welcome to Kristen Maracchini and Diana Russell!! (remember ladies, you can earn your $99 rebate by submitted $1000 in your first 30 days)

Top PV = Paige M ($1316), Allie C ($962), Kristen M ($770), Monica M ($600)

Top Dream Building = Congratulations to both Allie and Delane who each added 1 new team member!

Anniversaries = Happy 1 year anniversary to Chelsie S!

Personal Stats: PV = $2948, Team Sales = $10,271, Commission as Director = $1045

I share my numbers to show you what YOU could be earning too. Starting a team and becoming a Director will exponentially increase your pay. (28% personal commission, 3% team bonus)

Stuck inside, in the cold? Looking for a way to still earn money?... Facebook Party!!!!

All of the tools are available to you on TOT click on "Social Graphic Library" for photos and scripts.
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Need More Party Ideas? Looking to book more, AT the party?

I just came across this website. It is full of fun party ideas, games to play and even BOOKING games. I encourage you to check it out. Please share any great tips on our Team FB page.
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January Challenges

I issued TWO challenges in January.

#1: January Jump Start - work on 1 task each day and email/text/fb me with "I did it". CONGRATULATIONS to Cristina M who was drawn and won an "every-wear wallet in swiss dot!"

#2: $500 PV - for every $500 PV you entered, your name went into a drawing for $50 gift card. There were six entries. Take a look to see who won...http://youtu.be/O-ui1v6ykWg