It's Not Worth It

Tobacco by Brianna Valles

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Smoking Affects

  • Heart ,lung ,bladder and colon cancers
  • Teeth lose , white sores back of mouth causing cancer
  • Shakiness , headache , nervousness , sleeping problems
  • Makes blood cells to thin causing heart attack

What Smoking Does To Relashonships/Family

  • Applying per pressure on person making them say things they don't mean.
  • Person go's through emotions which affects family members.
  • Makes fell mad , sad (affects family members)
  • Family wants them to stop but it's to hard so keeps on going makes family unset.
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Somking Affects Mental-Emotinal

  • Person knows family can't stop them
  • Want's more tabacco

Just Don't Use It

Tobacco is the biggest cancer problem ever. It causes heart , lung , bladder and colon cancer.Causes wrinkels wich makes you look older than you really are