Welcome to the Beginning of our Semester - Fall 2016

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Bienvenidos a mis estudiantes y a sus padres / Welcome to my students and to your parents

Estoy encantada en tener mis estudiantes en la clase de español. Les envío una buena suerte este semestre.

I am delighted to have my students in my Spanish class. I wish you good luck this semester.

Grading Student'Work

My desire is to grade my student's assignments daily. But, as I grade, I want you to remember that this class has many students and if I am to give valuable feedback it will sometimes take more time.

Our students have bi-weekly due dates, every other Thursday. They must finish their two weeks work before midnight on those Thursdays. On the next Friday morning, I will post zeros on those assignments not posted on time. See late penalty policy below.

For this semester the first bi-weekly schedule will end

  • 18-Week students will have their first due date on August 18, 2016
  • 16-Week students will have their first due date on September 1, 2016
  • 14-Week students will have their first due date on September 15, 2016
  • 12-Week students will have their first due date on September 29, 2016

Follow daily schedule.

All assignments typed in blue on schedule must be turned in for a grade. Do not skip assignments or you will be penalized.

Schedules are posted on your homepage, right side under Teacher Information link.

Late Penalty

Students please remember that GAVS has a Late Penalty Policy for work due, not posted by the bi-weekly due date. if an assignment is not turned in on time, the student will receive a zero. The student can still make the grade up, but will receive a grade deduction. I encourage all students receiving a zero to please turn work in as soon as possible. Penalty deductions are listed below:

1. a 10% deduction - for work posted on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

2. a 20% deduction - for work posted on Monday
3. a 30% deduction - for work posted on Tuesday
4. the zero will stay in place after midnight on Tuesday
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Señora Yolanda Nigrelli

phone: 678-870-4287
available: 9 to 4 on school days
other hours: available by appointment

To my parents -
Thank you for your support helping your student succeed! I welcome and always look forward to hearing from you, either by email or a phone call.