Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 1, Thursday January 31 2019

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

WELCOME BACK!!! And a big special welcome to our new families across the school! It was so wonderful to see all of our new Foundation students with their big smiles in classes this morning.


On Tuesday, the teachers had a very long but productive day planning and setting up for the term. We welcomed Ann Whiting into the school to begin our focus work on writing - Ann is an expert in English Orthography and worked for the morning with us.

Please note we have a second Curriculum day on Friday 8th February. We are hosting a keynote speaker for our network schools. Stephen Dinham will be joining us on that day. Stephen is a guru in learning and teaching and the impact the teacher has on student outcomes.


At Parkhill, we use Essential Agreements to drive the culture in our learning and working environment. Essential Agreements are co-created by all stakeholders and outline what behaviours we aspire to develop in order to make the learning environment and culture positive, supportive and productive. Essential Agreements help us to go beyond the rules and think about the ‘why’.

Throughout the year last year, we gathered data from students and the community about how we would like our school to operate and we began to co-create our new ‘Code of Conduct’ documentation, rebranding it into an Essential Agreement. The Student Representative Council analysed the data collected throughout 2018 and drafted a Parkhill Community Essential Agreement, which staff ratified on Tuesday. This agreement will form the basis of our Parkhill Primary School Essential Agreement (code of conduct).

Parkhill Primary School: Community Essential Agreement

We care for ourselves, each other and our environment.

We show respect by speaking with kindness and listening to understand.

We value learning time.

We show unity by helping each other and ourselves.

We are honest and take responsibility for our actions.

We are persistent and have high expectations.

We strive to be positive role models.

Again, High Expectations is the driving force behind everything we do this year.


We are still waiting for the railing to arrive for the Art Room decked area – some issues around the height of this safety railing and new guidelines have slowed us down.

I am still in negotiation around the removal of the old relocatables – watch this space!

The work on the new Foundation playground began over the break. You will notice a beautiful new slatted fence bordering the play space. Works will continue throughout the next few weeks.


Information Evening will be held on TUESDAY 5TH FEBRUARY. We stagger the sessions across the school to allow families to attend any meeting.

Information sessions – Tuesday 5th February

F/1 - 5.30pm

Y2/3 - 6.00pm

Y4 - 6.30pm

Y5/6 - 7.00pm

The sessions will be held in the classroom blocks.

Taking on board some of the parent feedback from the end of 2018 we have restructured our reporting schedule. In Term 1 we will hold a whole school Learning Celebration on Thursday 7th March in the afternoon. You will be invited to come and share your child’s learning in an open classroom. In week 7 we will hold Parent Teacher Interviews in place of Three-Way Conferences. These interviews will run in the same way as the Three-Way Conferences. This is an opportunity for you to have open discussion with the teacher about your child’s learning progress. Later in the year there will be a Three-Way Conference.

It is important to remember that you are always welcome to meet with your class teacher and I encourage you to make appointments throughout the year to touch base and talk about your child’s learning progress.


Team vs Group - What is the difference? The differences are indeed subtle. A group is a number of individuals coming together for a reason or cause, and a team is a collection of people coming together with a common goal that drives them, they have a shared purpose.

The 2019 Parkhill Team:

Big picture

Over the summer break Dyon Hunt accepted a fixed term transfer to Elsternwick Primary School, and Victoria Bruges-Cannon accepted a 12 month contract at Wheelers Hill Primary School. At this point we are still working hard to cover the PE position and an advert for this role will be posted this week. James Alexander has joined our team to work in Y5/6 for Term 1. James comes highly recommended – please do pop in and say hi!


Using the new buildings

All access to the new buildings should be through the external doors for your child’s room. Please avoid using the central learning spaces as ‘corridors’. Respecting our learning spaces throughout the day, particularly in the morning, is really important.

Drop-off and pick-up

There is supervision on the playground from 8:45am, classroom doors open at 8:50am. We strongly advise that children are NOT left at school any earlier than 8:40am. We finish our school day at 3:30pm and pick up should be prompt. The supervision on the playground is only until 3:45pm to ensure all children are picked up and safely home or with a parent/carer. Many parents enrol their children in our OSHClub program so if they are late the children can attend on that day. There is NO supervision available by school staff after 3:45pm. Please do ensure you are organised for pick up at 3:30pm. Should something urgent occur to prevent this, please call the office.


Children must wear a hat in Term 1 – they are not allowed to play outside, and must stay in the shade if they do not have a hat.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Tuesday 5 February - Information Night

Thursday 7 February - Brainstorm show - Human Race

Friday 8 February - Curriculum Day - students will not attend school on this day

Thursday 28 February - Friday 8 March - Foundation Health Assessments

Tuesday 5 March - School photo day

Thursday 7 March - Learning Celebration

Monday 18 March - Twilight Sports

Wednesday 20 March - Multicultural Day

Friday 5 April - Term 1 ends at 2:30pm

Our curriculum days for 2019 are February 8, May 13 and October 15

Expressions of Interest

Are you interested in being a Parent Class Representative for 2019? Be part of a great team of helpers to organise social functions and parent volunteers for your child's class. If you would like to find out more please email the Parent Class Rep Coordinator, Philippa, at

Lunch Orders are back!

Lunch orders are now available through Flexischools and Classroom Cuisine! Please visit and for information on how to order a lunch order for your child.

Brainstorm Productions - The Human Race

Next Thursday, Brainstorm Productions will be visiting Parkhill as part of our Wellbeing priority. We’ll be enjoying the show “The Human Race”, which tackles topics similar to our popularly received show “Being Brave” last year.

The Human Race, a live educational theatre program, helps bolster student resilience against the impacts of bullying both online and offline. Students will be provided with practical advice and strategies in a safe and supportive environment. The program reinforces the importance of tolerance, kindness, respect and empathy towards others, helping improve overall personal wellbeing and self-empowerment.

Brainstorm Productions cater to the specific wellbeing needs of students, helping to create a healthy and harmonious school environment. If you would like to know more about Brainstorm Productions, visit their website at

Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal

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