Chaewon's Career Project

By.Chaewon Shin

<Chaewon's Personality>

Personality is important when I choose a career.

If my personality is not matching with a career that job would be bored and hard.

But,If my personality is matching with a career that job would be exciting and enjoying.

My personality colors are gold and blue.

A gold color means that I'm really dependable,thorough,faithful,helpful and caring.

And a blue color means that I'm very enthusiastic,communicative and sympathetic.

Then,I often work in communication,education and the

helping professions.

<Career Choice>

Since childhood,I like to watch medical dramas.One of the best drama was psychiatric doctors and nurses were listening their patients story who had psychiatric disorders and they were trying to solve psychiatric disorders.I watched a drama that I moved by psychiatric doctors and nurses.

I want to be an advanced practice psychiatric nurse.

They provide advanced nursing care for patients with psychiatric disorders,monitor patients medication usage and results.Also,document patients medical and psychological histories,physical assessment results,treatment plans,or outcomes.

The salary is 66,640 dollars per year.

This job opportunities are very likely in the future.


If I became an nurse I should be needed

a master's degree or certificate after master's.

I want to go to Texas Woman's University.

Texas Woman's University has Nursing Science and Nursing/Registered nurse majors,so that would be supporting my career.

I could be applied for a student loan at the bank or my parents and I will be paying for

the education.But,Texas Woman's University is a public university,

so the tuition is really cheap then other universities.

----Texas Woman's University----

In-State Tuition/Fees: $8,522

Book/Supplies: $1,050

Room/Board: $6,750

Transportation: $1,248

Total: $17,570


When I got a job in the future,my career will affect my lifestyle.A nurse pay is decent but I should be saving money for live comfortably in the future.So,I will manage my own money and plan to budgeting.Budgeting will help me that I could use my money useful and save money.

List of budget

Housing: $00 dollars

Utilities: $88 dollars

Food: $450 dollars

Transportation: $543 dollars

Clothes: $400 dollars

Health Care: $169 dollars

Personal: $375 dollars

Entertainment: $199 dollars

Misc: $200 dollars

Savings: $190 dollars

Student Debt Loan: $155 dollars


Monthly Expenses: $2,769 dollars


Annual Expenses: $33,230 dollars

Taxes (10% of Annual Expenses): $4,985 dollars


Annual Salary Needed: $38,215 dollars

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