Jacopo Peri


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Peri was born in Florence, Italy on August 20, 1561. He spent most of his time in Florence and he never left Italy. He was educated to be a Opera writer and a composer. Generally, he was looked upon as a noble, wealthy, business man when it came to composing composing and being around with other people. His patrons that kept him in a wealthy life style was none other than the Medici. The piece that he wrote and composed to make him known today was called the "Euridice".


Jacopo Peri's masterpiece Euridice became public in the year 1600. After over 400 years, it is still played today in modern day. Euridice was the first Opera and song to have half singing and half speaking. I find this piece interesting because the Opera was so popular, that it made it over 400 years to make it to present day. Euridice was an example of Secularism and that is because it involves a story with Apollo. Euridice is the daughter of Apollo.