Plastic is DANGEROUS!!!!

By: MaKayla Russell

Why is Plastic so Bad?

In the past 50 years, plastic use has increased 20 times. If current consumption rates continue, plastic use will double again in the next 20 years. All of this will result in polluted, poisoned, plastic-filled oceans. Often birds, whales, sea turtles and other animals often mistake plastic for food. Plastic in our oceans affects anything and everything, including all humans and animals.

Why does it harm animals?

Animals think plastic is food so they eat it. Plastic bags never biodegrade, but they do break down. As so, any toxic additives they contain- including flame retardants, will be released into the ocean and environment.

How can we help?

We could help by recycling more, using a reusable water bottles and much more. Recycling helps by getting rid of unwanted plastic for you so it doesn't end up in the ocean water and harm animals and other living things. By using reusable water bottles we could cut down on all of the plastic water bottles that end up in the trash. Even schools and colleges are cutting down on plastic by making it illegal to sell plastic water bottles at their school.