The Book Thief

By:Jessanique Owens


Liesel, with the help of her accordion-playing foster father, learns to read. soon she is stealing books from the Nazi book-running, the mayor's wife's library, wherever there are books to be found. But these are dangerous times, when Liesel's foster family hides a Jewish in their basement, Liesel's world is both opened up and closed down.
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The book thief is related by death, who tells us the story of Liesel Meminger. It's January 1939, and Liesel, who is 10 years old is travelling by train with her mother and her little brother Werner. Liesel and her little brother are being taken to a small town called Molching, just outside of Munich, Germany, to go live with foster parents Hans & Rosa HuberMann . Just before then Werner dies on the train of mysterious causes having to do with poverty, hunger, cold, and lack of medical treatment. Before she arrives in Molching, she attends her brother's burial in a snowy graveyard. She steals her first book which is the grave digger's handbook from the cemetery after it falls from a young grave digger's coat. ( The Kicker Is Liesel Can't Read)
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This is a death Pathway!


In 1938, a young orphan liesel meminger arrives at a home of her new foster parents, hans & rosa Hubermann Over the past years living there they began to bond & grow as a family and even becomes dependent when they secretly shelter a jewish boy whose father once saved Han's life.

Main Characters


Max Vandenburg

Max is 22 yrs old when he arrives in the story as a " struggle" he lives in the Hubermann's basement trapped & mostly of starvation he was nearly beaten badly to the point he was mistaken for an old man.He fights hard throughout the novel. Two years of hiding and starvation requires considerable fight and endurance. In the book Max fights the Nazi with his vivid imagination by painting over the pages of Hitler's Mein Kampf and writing his own stories over Hitler's words. In the end, Max's fighting spirit wins out. He survives the Holocaust

Liesel Meminger

Liesel Meminger is the hardworking, book-thieving kind-hearted star of the novel. she loves books so much she steals them even before she knows how to read. She starts to learn from her foster father Hans HuberMann who's education is as low as a fourth grader.Liesel doesn't have an easy time of reading, not at first in fact, without the help of foster father Hans and his dedication to teaching her, she might never learned to read at all. At the start of the story , Liesel is without words and cannot read. She understands that there is great power in words, though and she hungers for them. Books become a source of comfort for herself and those around her she loves how words can fill her up, but then she realizes that words can be ugly things. especially the way Hitler can use words to encourage the German people to carry out horrific acts of violence and and cause so much suffering,

Hans HuberMann

Hans is Liesel Meminger foster father and one of the greatest loves of her life. He's a super nice guy. Hans has a gentle modesty that hides him from the attention of most, And Hans ability not to be noticeable is a huge strength in this novel. Even when Hans is caught giving bread to the Jewish prisoners marching to Dachau, the Police don't search his house why? because they can't imagine he would go that far. Hans has a true strength of character, as shown by his hiding of max and his other acts of resistance against the Nazi's. These acts, along with his general kindness, have a huge effect on Liesel and even on rudy. Hans gives them a positive role Model. He's a rare example of an adult that they can really aspire to be like in the way that matter.

Rosa HuberMann

Rosa is Liesel foster mother. When we first met her, we don't necessarily trust her with Liesel. Rosa is down-right abusive with her wooden spoons and her constant Rebuke & Criticism. When max arrives in the book we & Liesel see a very different side of Rosa. She's always super kind to max and clearly believes that hiding him is the right thing to do. She shares food, her love, and everything she has. Helping to care for max and seeing his suffering produce change in Rosa, in terms of her relationship with Liesel.

Rudy Steiner

Rudy is Liesel's close guy bestfriend and harder sidekick. He's the Saukerl (Pig Boy) to her saumensch (Pig Girl) as they affectionately refer to each other. He starts off in the novel as a ten year old boy with bony legs, sharp teeth, gangly blue eyes and hair the color of lemon. Rudy wants to be a star runner, like Jessie Owens. Owens, a black American man, won four gold medals in the 1936 olympics games, held in Munich, Germany. Hitler was not pleaded . Jessie Owens was trampling on his theories of white supremacy.

Frau Ilsa Hermann

Ilsa Hermann becomes very important figure in liesel's life. Through much of the novel she remains a mysterious figure. Later we learned that Ilsa is in mourning for the son she lost twenty years earlier in an accident involving barbed wire and freezing temperatures. Ilsa knows Liesel because Liesel helps Rosa deliver laundry to her. When she sees Liesel steal the shoulder shrug Ilsa becomes interest by the girl and invites her into her library.llsa saves Liesel life by encouraging her to write and giving her a blank notebook to write in. If Liesel had been writing in the basement writing on Himmel Street was bombed, she probably would have died along with her family and friends. Afterwards llsa saves liesel once again by taking Liesel in after the terrible bombing leaves the girl traumatized and alone.


Molching, Germany January 1939
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Adolf Hitler giving his speech to the children Youth.↙↙↙
Adolf Hitler, speech to his Youth (HJ)

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Hitler 1936 white supremacy olympic Games ⬇⬇

Hitler 1936 Olympic Games Berlin


Max Vandenburg Vs.Himself

Max has an internal conflict with himself for many reasons. He struggles accepting that he is jewish and can't understand that it is not a crime. Max cannot comprehend how someone could be so cruel to someone else. He left his family so he could save himself by moving in with the Hubermanns. He felt guilty about leaving his family and putting the Hubermanns in danger.

Hans HuberMann Vs. Himself

-Hans has an internal conflict with himself because he respects the Jews while society does not. Everyone thinks that Jews are the reason for all of the problems in Germany. Hans, thinking differently, is labeled a "Jew lover" because he cares about the innocent Jews. He puts his family in danger because of his actions of compassion for the Jews.

Liesel Vs. Herself

-Liesel struggles with accepting the fact that her mother gave her up to foster care, and that her mother doesn't respond to her letters. She also has a very hard time with her brother's death. She frequently experiences nightmares that allows her to relive that moment in time. She struggles with realizing that her mother will not be coming back for her after she places her in foster care with the Hubermanns.

External Conflict ⬇⬇

Axis Vs. Allies

A physical war between Nazi Germany and the Allied forces. The war was based on the religious beliefs and hate crimes toward Jewish people.

Hans Hubermann Vs. Society

Hans Huberman not only had an internal conflict with himself, but also had an external conflict with society. Hans had that conflict because unlike that ninety percent that respected and hailed Hitler, he was that ten percent that disagreed with him. He had respect for the Jews because he knew that everyone was the same and that everyone should be respected the same way

Liesel Vs. Society

Liesel struggles to learn how to read throughout the novel. This makes her an outkast in her class. All she wants to fit in at school and stop being teased.