AESD Week in Review


Week of October 3-7, 2016

Superintendent Message

Good Afternoon Trustees,

Dare to Dream

Thursday, October 6 the gymnasium at Melva Davis Academy was transformed into a hot air balloon, cloud filled fiesta where the young minds of more than 160 foster youth and ASB students were Dared to Dream. Our students were challenged to not allow obstacles in their lives divert them from their goals, their dreams and their aspirations. Keynote Dee Hankins captured the attention of our youth, moving many to tears, as he shared his story of growing up in foster care from 2 months of age. With much determination and support, Mr. Hankins went on to earn a college degree. His path wasn’t without challenges and he turned around his life when an administrator took interest in him. The students were treated to a catered lunch and raffle prizes before returning to their school sites. A big thank you goes to Beth Bartholomew and the Academic Services Team for doing an outstanding job in coordinating this wonderful event.

Student of the Month

Our first Student of the Month, honored by the Victor Valley Daily Press, will be honored by the Board of Education next Tuesday. Andres Lopez is a second grade student at Gus Franklin who was selected out of several possible candidates. What makes Andres a remarkable student are the gains that he has made over the course of the last couple of years as a student in the moderate/severe program. When he started with the district he was unable to say any words coherently, unable to hold a pencil, and unable to sit and attend to a task for longer than a minute. Now, not only can he say his first and last name, as well as several other words, but an unfamiliar listener can understand him. He also uses quite a few signs in American Sign Language. He is an amazing student and we are proud to recognize him.

Message to the Leadership Team

This week I shared this message with our leadership team and I also want to share it with our Trustees:

We've entered the month of October so quickly. It has been said that October could easily be referred to as "October Blues" for many educators (this could also include our non-teaching staff). These "October Blues" are not talked about much. You may be at the point of the school year where you are beginning to feel discouraged and may be wondering how you will make it to June.

If you have been feeling a little discouraged, no worries; you are not alone! This is completely normal. During my reading this week, I came across this blog post that talked specifically about the reasons why educators can find October particularly challenging. The author shared three possible reasons (read the post to get more insight on each reason listed):

  1. The optimism that comes from having a fresh start at back to school has faded.
  2. There are a lot of full workweeks between now and the holidays (few 4-day weeks).
  3. The end of the school year seems impossibly far away.

It might be normal to feel this way, but normal doesn’t mean healthy nor does it mean it's required. So how can we change our perception of our situation so it feels less stressful and overwhelming? The author suggests three tips:

  1. Start by recognizing that you’re thinking way too far ahead.
  2. Stop comparing your present reality to what you had hoped this school year would be like.
  3. Actively look for ways to find and emphasize the good stuff.

Think of all the great things you've accomplished already. Celebrate all your successes; big and small. Yes, there will be deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, paperwork to fill out, but keep your focus on what matters; THE STUDENTS. Staying positive and encouraged for what lies ahead, will keep you energized and help keep your passion for educating our children going strong.

After the fall break, I look forward to a fabulous week of getting back on track!

Trustees, thank you for doing amazing things day in and day out for our students. As a collective governance team, you are what makes the Adelanto Elementary School District a special place for our students to learn, grow, and develop as productive human beings.



Adelanto Elementary School -Principal, Ramon Rizo


Task #1: After weeks of preparation and planning, our amazing classified staff (librarian and custodians) began moving library furniture to a more spacious open-bay classroom setting. Throughout the week classified, certificated, “family” volunteers and administration assisted with moving shelves, books, computers, and all other library essentials. We want to thank Mr. Hamilton for donating his time and painting skill, the IT department for setting up student computers, our 5th grade teacher Ms. Zillner helped shelf and organize books, and our amazing librarian for coming in during the Fall Break to set it all up. We truly appreciate the love and support from our Cougar Family, THANK YOU!!!

Task #2: As we continue school wide MTSS, we are closely monitoring student progress through STAR and fluency data making adjustments in student groups and scheduling. It is exciting to see many students making progress on STAR data reports as well as reaching fluency goals for this first assessment period.

Task #3: Professional development continued this week as site administrators were presented with all currently adopted RTI materials as well as the new Reading Wonders ELD program. We are excited to report that ALL of our teachers have attended professional development on these programs as well as STAR, Lexia Learning, and Compass Math online tools.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: District wide Great Shake-Out, Wednesday, Oct. 19th

Event #2: Parent Teacher Conferences, October 20th-21st & 27th -28th (minimum days as well)

Event #2: Saturday School #1: October 22nd

Bradach Elementary School -Principal, Julie Hirst


Task #1: Marketing the Message: Posted a reminder about Star Wars Reads Day on our Facebook page.

Task #2: College and Career Readiness: Worked on AVID Ed Camp training agenda and materials.

Task #3: High Expectations: Met with the PBIS Tier II team for breakfast and planning. Conducted CUM reviews.

Task #4: Effective Leadership: Attended Management meeting on Weds. Sent out an email to CMS teachers that I will be observing with their EVAL materials attached. Met with Willard Brumbraugh, the husband of author Suzanne de Board to talk about Star Wars Reads Day. He will be reading some of her works to our 4th Grade students on Monday during Star Wars Reads day and she will be coming to our Fall Festival to sell and autograph books and will be volunteering time to come and read to our students in the future. Here is a link to her works:

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 10/17: Star Wars Reads PJ Day

Event #2: Red Ribbon Week 10/23-28

Event #3: 10/27 Fall Festival

Event #4: 10/31 Storybook Parade

Columbia Middle School -Principal, Rich Upshaw

Eagle Ranch - Principal, Laura Ramos


Task #1: Administrative Staff reviewed CAASPP data to share with staff at the November 1st staff meeting.

Task #2: Administrative Staff planned for the Safe School Ambassador training in November.

Task #3: Administrative Staff attended Intervention/MTSS program training.

Task #4: Administrative Staff shared resources for intervention and core curriculum.

Task #5: Administrative Staff planned to meet with the Leadership/School Culture team to review PBIS data.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Great California Shake Out Earthquake Drill will be on October 19th.

Event #2: Red Ribbon Week will be held on October 19th through October 28th.

Event #3: PTCs are scheduled for October 20th/21st and October 27th/28th.

Event #4: Reading Faire will be Thursday, October 27th from 6:00-7:30.

El Mirage School -- Dean, Hector Anderson


Task #1: Completed safe school ambassador training.

Task #2: Donut with the dean produced several parent interested in volunteering and working on school site council.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: District wide fire drill

Event #2: Parent teacher conferences and much needed October break

George Magnet School, Principal, Carol Coburn


Task #1: The computer lab computers were distributed to the teacher classrooms to add additional desktop computers for student use. All classes from grades 2-8 will have class sets of Chromebooks. Classes in Kindergarten and 1 st grade have 8 Chromebooks in each classroom, 5 desktop computers, and access to iPads carts one for every two classes.

Task #2: An alternative recess room is being established to give students a place that they can go instead of being on the playground. Identified students in need of a different social setting or those working on social skills will be invited to attend. In addition, teachers will be given a special pass to hand out to students as a reward. We hope to get this up and running by November 1.

Task #3: Teachers will be receiving professional development on using the Quick, Quality, and Questioning Cards to help students develop higher level thinking skills. These cards will be utilized in all content areas and help to present lesson ideas for teachers that incorporates writing. Teachers will be receiving this PD in November.


Event #1: Statewide Earthquake Drill on 10/19 at 10:20 AM

Event #2: Parent Teacher Conferences, October 20-21 & 27-28, 2016

Event #4: Superheroes Reads Night, October 25, 2016 from 5-8 PM

Event #5: Red Ribbon Week, October 24-28, 2016

Gus Franklin Jr. --Principal, Mina Blazy


Task 1: This week I worked on adding the data to the SPSA. As soon as we get an update of the form I will transfer the items.

Task 2: Dora and I collaborated on the disaster drill plan and command center. We have completed the plan and sent in to CWA.

Task 3: As we near the end of era, Jo Dee and Vanessa went through training as we move forward in the change of regime. I am excited about a new beginning.

Task 4: We enjoyed the new five minute competitive activities at the Site Manager Meeting (SAM). Dora and I are working on ways incorporate the activities into our PD with staff.

Task 5: I am working on homework in the evening. I am reading a plethora of new information and building brain cells. :)

Task 6: I found a site that office mathematics vocabulary cards and a list of words for mathematics per grade level.

Task 7: In the 2014-2105 school year I created the Teacher Perception of Leadership survey; I am slowly getting responses back from the current 38 question survey. It is a 5 point scale from highly effect to not effective. So far the leadership is effective to highly effective. I will need to start pulling back in more PD for ELA. That is the area that was somewhat to highly effective. Now that we are moving forward with mathematics I feel comfortable adding more intervention in language arts.


Event 1: disaster drill - 10/19 at 10:20

Event 2: Evaluations continue this week

Event 3: working with parents/student's 504s (medical disabilities)

Event 4: PTC 10/20, 10/21, 10/27, 10/28

Event 5: Trunk or treat 10/28 at 5:30 with movie

Event 6: Awards assemblies starting November 3, 4, 10 (9:30 am)

Melva Davis Academy of Excellence Principal, Kathy Youskievicz


Task #1: We discussed the SST process and how we would roll it out to our staff. All of the documents were sent to teachers and we decided that the first session would be held the second week of November.

Task #2: We took this tine to schedule meetings with several groups and committees on campus. They will be held the first week in November.

Task #3: Our custodians worked tirelessly to clean out the extra choir room, so that Jennifer Hawken can move into that room next week. IT did a great job of helping out by getting all excess Chromebook carts out of there too. Thank you!

Task #4: Looked at evacuation routes and logistical issues for the Great Shake-Out on 10/19. Signs are being made and we have asked grounds for water to be turned off.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 10/18 – Motivational speaker, Olympic gold medal winner

Event #2: 10/19 – ELAC, 8:30

Event #3: 10/20 – Coffee w/the Principal, 9:00

Mesa Linda Middle School--Principal, Eric Groeber


Task #1: New Hires

Interviews on Monday resulted in two new hires. Mesa Linda hired a new Clerk II and a part time Health Assistant.

Task #2: Site Meetings

Administration and Office Staff meetings were held. Topics of discussion included plans for CASSP testing, PBIS strategies, organization of the main office, and student synergy week.

Task #3: New Teacher Support Observations

Mesa Linda has hired six new teachers in the last several weeks. All six are either pre-probationary or probationary. Mr. Groeber met with the administrative staff to discuss how to support the new teachers. Mrs. Tuttle will be devoting more of her time observing these teachers and providing strategies for effective instruction and behavior management. Either Mr. Groeber or Mr. Christophe will be formally observing these teachers sometime in the next three weeks.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: STAR Testing

October 17th – 28th

Event #2: Parent Teacher Conferences

October 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th

Event #3: Fall Picture Make-up

October 19th

Event #4: Great Shake Out

October 20th

Morgan Kincaid School ---Principal, Kristen Cooper


Task #1: I attended the admin meeting on Wednesday where we reviewed the trainings that teachers had received for the intervention programs and ELD curriculum.

Task #2: Purchase orders were completed to finalize registration for teachers to be able to attend AVID Path training and the AVID Site Team Conference. Having this opportunity to send more teachers to AVID training and dedicated team time should strengthen our AVID implementation on campus.

Task #3: Our current technology was reviewed. We received additional chromebook carts and revised our chromebook schedule. We began selling earbuds as fundraiser through PTSA and ordered additional headphones to use with the new chromebooks. We also ordered some of the recommended drives to keep our office computers, teacher laptops, and printers updated.

Task #4: We began work on our school site plan. We updated our goals in ELA, math, school safety, and parent involvement. We will continue updating our SPSA as we receive our updated budget.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Parent Teacher Conferences

Event#2: Harvest Festival – October 27th 5:00-7:00

Ted Vick School- Principal, Vikki Chavez


Task #1: Admin team met to discuss current state of instruction and discipline. We discussed areas for further support (mainly on playground) and grade-level progress.

Task #2: Attended professional development at DO to learn more about the programs teachers are using during MTSS time. This training was extremely insightful and provided much needed information insofar as what we should be seeing during MTSS time.

Task #3: Continued holding intake IEPs and identifying students on IEPs who are in need of behavioral support plans and addendums for push-in model.

Task #4: Prepared classrooms to welcome new SDC and RSP teachers.

Task: 5: Used information gathered from staff meetings and PBIS leadership and proctor input to identify PBIS needs. Based on this information, we established that there is a need for more playground equipment and more structured inclement weather activities. Office staff and admin worked together to create playground carts for grade-level pods and inclement weather activity sets.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: October 18, ELAC (Parent Engagement Center Visit to follow)

Event #2: October 20 SSC

Victoria Magathan School -Principal, Sandra Loudermilk


Task #1: We worked to organize our office and workroom.

Task #2: Wanda and I worked on MTSS and PBIS. We will work on getting groups set up in Renaissance so we can keep track of how well our interventions are working. We will start students on CICO next week.

Task #3: Wanda and I attended the meeting on Wednesday where we got some great ideas on how to monitor our interventions and how to improve student achievement.

Task #4: I met with Beth to get some ideas on what our next steps are with some of our students.

Task #5: Our phones were updated! Thanks to Tad for getting this going.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Our PBIS Team will meet to complete our TFI.

Event #2: Parent/Teacher Conferences will be the 20th and 21st.

Event #3: Coffee with the Principal will be Friday.

Event #4: Saturday School and our Fall Festival will be the 22nd.

West Creek Elementary School -Principal Deborah Bowers


Task # 1: Behavior Assembly

As I was looking through our Scholastic Book Fair material, I found a book, Are Pirates Polite? and decided I was going to do a different Behavior Assembly when we come back from break. The book talks about how Pirates behave in certain situations; i.e. how loud their voices are when they are indoors, saying "thank you", when they bump each other they say "excuse me", and other behaviors which fit with our expectations. I plan on having assemblies by grade levels and reading the book to the students. I will be wearing my Pirate hat of course and using a book talk activity as well. My hope is to make the Behavior Assembly different and memorable for the students and model for the teachers using literature to teach students concepts.

Task #2: Trainings

Thank you for the update on the training's our staff has been attending. Teachers have been showing me what they have learned, but knowing the information first hand from our curriculum department and what I should look for as I walk through classrooms was much more beneficial. I will also be able to make an informed decision about purchasing materials they are asking for at this point.

Task #3: Diligent Staff Members

West Creek has several teachers who have wanted to make changes in their room environment or move their rooms altogether; they are using this week to reassemble their rooms. Everyday someone has been on campus working, laughing, and making the quiet days more bearable. A big THANK YOU to Petr for putting up with all the request and doing it with a smile. Even Jamie Ohashi, West Creek Psychologist, came by to help our SDC class get much needed materials moved.

Task #4: Catching UP

This week has been a week to catch up on paperwork and putting into place some ideas on campus which have been piling up. We now have a schedule for our Science Room ready for teachers to sign up and use the room, SST paperwork is caught up and parents have been notified of meetings, all of the new paperwork from enrollment is finished, and field trips have been finalized. We all have a sense of now we can keep moving forward.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Behavior Assemblies: Oct. 17-18

Event #2: Make-up Pictures: Oct. 20

Event #3: Field trip: Oct. 24

Event #4: Sweet Frog: Oct. 25 from 4-8

Event #5: Trunk-Car-Treat: Oct. 28 5-7pm

Event #6: Red Ribbon Week: Oct. 24-28

Event #7: Storybook Character Parade: Oct. 31 8:30 am

Westside Park Elementary School -Principal Sherelle Crawford


Task # 1: To support on-going opportunities for parents to support our school, a volunteer training session was offered.

Task #2: Communication was written to parents in preparation for the California Shake out Drill.

Task #3: Reviewed results of our PBIS CICO data and Renaissance STAR data.

Task #4: Updated our Safe School Plan.

Task #5: Attended the Site Admin meeting for professional development on current intervention programs – Signs for Sound, Rewards, Renaissance Place, Phonics for Reading, and Compass Learning.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Dentist at Westside Park, 10/17-10/21/16

Event #2: California Shake-out Drill, 10/19/16

Event #3: Rotary STAR Student Award Ceremony, 10/19/16

Event #4: Parent Teacher Conferences, 10/20 & 10/21/16

Chief Academic Officer-Dr. Nguyen-Hernandez


Task #1: Participated in a conference call with Trevor Lien from KOA Corporation regarding Safe Routes to School program sponsored by SANDABS.

Task #2: Ajay and I participated in a conference call with Kevin Hammond of Blanchard Institute to discuss school sites participation in a possible survey regarding students. Follow up needs to occur with our JPA before moving forward and taking this item to the Board.

Task #3: I also followed up with our legal team to create the timeline for the ASA Charter Petition submission.

Task #4: I lead the all-day principal site admin PD, the site admin received a review of all the training we have given our teachers in the past two months.

Task #4: Ajay, Mr. Woldie, and I met with Kathy Youskevicz to discuss Melva Davis site budget.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: N/A

Chief Business Officer- Mr. Ajay Mohindra


Task #1: Participated in a conference call with Trevor Lien from KOA Corporation regarding Safe Routes to School program sponsored by SANBAGS.

Task #2: Dr. Hernandez and I participated in a conference call with Kevin Hammond of Blanchard Institute to discuss school sites participation in a survey regarding students.

Task #3: Phillip and I met with Mark Giugni and Becky from Cenergistic to review energy program and savings over the past three years. Also discussed Phillips responsibilities and training under the program.

Task #4: Dr. Hernandez, Mr. Woldie and I met with Ms. Youskevicz to discuss Melva Davis site budget.

Task #5: Participated in the Payroll Technicians interviews.

Task #6: Interviews for Director of Risk Management.

Task #7: Attended Adelanto Chamber of Commerce Lunch at Maverick Stadium. All candidates running for office participated and had time to tell why they are running for office.

I also talked to an upset parent to discuss late drop off of her daughter.

Task #8: Participated in the ADTA negation session.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: N/A

Chief Personnel Officer- Mr. Todd Beal


Task #1: Certificated

Processed 5 new certificated substitute teachers.

Task #2: Certificated

Processed 2 new teachers who will be under a PIP.

Task #3: Certificated

Contracted teachers for General Education and SAI continue to be processed for the 2016-2017 school year. Certificated substitute/guest teachers continue to be processed for the 2016-2017 school year. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #3: Classified

9 classified postings have gone out since October 1st. Hiring and transfers are occurring consistently. 248 volunteers have been processed since 7/1/16.

Task #4: Classified

Proctor and Instructional Technology Liaison tests occurred this week.

Task #5: Classified

Clerk III MLMS and Health Clerk MLMS interviews occurred on October 10. Payroll Technician interviews occurred on October 11. Secretary III CMS interviews occurred on October 13th.

Task #6: Classified

Substitute hiring is in process. Currently hiring 1 substitute health clerk, 1 substitute campus security, 1 substitute paraprofessional, 5 substitute custodians, 2 AVID tutors, and 2 substitute clerical workers. References are being completed on additional substitutes.

Task #7: Classified

Contracted employees continue to be processed for the 2016-2017 school year. Classified substitutes continue to be processed for the 2016-2017 school year. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #8: Child, Welfare and Attendance

Grant Corner:

Teaching students how to care for others and their community and be civically minded is an important aspect of becoming a responsible citizen. Do you know a student who's looking to get a volunteerism project off the ground? The Karma for Cara Foundation can help. Launched in 2014, the foundation's mini-grant program offers small, one-time grants to students to help jump-start or sustain community service projects. A range of projects qualify for funding, including examples like rebuilding a school playground, or helping senior citizens prepare their homes for winter. Grants range from $250 to $1,000.Deadline: Jan. 1 and April 1. For more information:

Risk Management

The JPA received a claim from the parent of a former kindergarten student from the 2015-2016 school year involving another kinder student. When the investigation was conducted by the principal, teacher, and former Director of Child and Welfare the allegation was determined to be unfounded.

The District is working with the JPA regarding the claim. As soon as we get more information, we will apprise the board of this information.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Various classified testing all week

Event #2: CSEA Negotiations will occur on October 20th.

Special Education- Jennifer Johnson


Task #1: Went to the preschool at Old George with Sped teachers for materials and supplies

Task #2: LEA webinar was Thursday

Task #3: Sent out updates and reports for monthly monitoring with the SELPA and CDE and started preparing for December pupil count

Task #4: Steering Committee meeting is this Friday along with Directors training

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Special Education teacher’s monthly meetings 10-18-16

Event #2: ADR training at the SELPA 10-20-16

Event #3: SEAT module one 10-20-16 at the district office for Administrators

Director of CNS- Julie Calderon


Task #1: Monday was moving day. We moved offices back to original set up. Delivery drivers Victor, Daniel, and Danielle worked very hard and did a great job.

Task #2: Rochelle, Bertha, and I attended a small food show put on by our neighbor Victor Elementary Child Nutrition Department to sample new products with a vendor. We also were able to network with four other districts in the area.

Task #3: Had detailed conversations with all office staff to familiarize myself to current processes and duties.

Task #4: Last week I visited 9 sites and was able to meet many of my staff and do a short observation of the kitchens.

Task #5: Wednesday took part in an interview process.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Monday I am meeting with one of our vendor representative of Goldstar foods to make contact and build a professional relationship with them.

Event #2: Visit the five remaining sites, next week that I have not been to yet.

Event #3: Continue acclimating.

Quote for the Week

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