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Kinds Of Frogs, And Their Life spands.

Both frogs and toads are amphibians. Some frogs can live up to ten years. More than 40,000 kinds of frogs live on the earth.

Poison Dart frog's poison is used on poison darts , that is how the frog got its name. Fogs are most divers in the tropics.

Frog Features

Frogs have large eyes to help them swallow their food. Climbing African gliding frogs can jump 40-50 feet from the webbing on their toes. Frogs can breath through their lungs but they can also breath through their skin. Frogs can drink through their skin.
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Toads have rough and dry skin and have short legs. But frogs have moist and wet skin with long legs.

Toad Features

Even though toads are true amphibians, they spend most of their time on land. Most toads look like they have warts on them. Some people say that if you touch a toad you will get warts, but that's just a superstition. Toads have big round circles behind their eyes wich are actually their ears. Toads are actually nocturnal . Here are some types of toads, the American spadefoot, bombinatoride, microhyliidea, the true toad, altidea, European spadefoot, and the rhinophrynidea.


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