Juan Ponce De Leon

By:Ismael Gallo

Juan Ponce De Leon

Birth Date:1460

Death Date:1521

Place of Birth:Santervos De Campos, Spain

Place of Death:Havana, Cuba

About Juan Ponce

He was born in Santervos De Campos, Spain. In a noble family in Leon, Spain. He was a explorer in spain he explored a lot of things. He built a small financial empire that helped advanced Spanish. Juan loves to explore things in Spain.

Discovered Florida

Through often credited with "discovering" Florida, Ponce De Leon marely landed in an area that had been inhabited by people for a considerably long time. In a month's time, he and his men landed on the east coast of Florida. He took 50 soldiers and a single ship, setting near what is now San Juan. When he explored the island he named it San Juan because his name is Juan and he wanted a island name after himself,

San Juan