Claims Made for This Diet

You’ll lose up to 2 to 5 pounds a week without being hungry.By faithfully sticking to Medifast-made products and supplementing them with one meat-and-veggies entrée each day, you stay full and nourished from lots of protein, fiber, and key nutrients while consuming very few calories—typically 800 to 1,000 for adults. (Weight loss; diabetes control.)

Things people don't know or are hard to find on their website

Suspicious Texts...

On the website, it says "Daily exercise is encouraged, but the program doesn't offer a specific workout." which makes me think their claims about losing weight over a few weeks isn't just because of the food.

Forbidden or Limited Foods?

This plan recommends that they should not have fruits, dairy products, and starches during the "5 & 1" plan and alcohol is off-limits.

Comparded to the Food Pyramid...

There's not a lot of information over what's in each Medifast meal. However, it's said that they provide everything you need in each meal. For the meal you're suppose to make yourself, you need 5-7 ounces of protein, three servings of veggies, and up to two servings of healthy fats. Compared to the food pyramid, people need to have at least half of their plates veggies and fruits and they also need dairy products. Medifast does not want people to have dairy products or fruits while they're with Medifast.

Vunerability to weight loss programs...

People are desperate to have a body they can be proud of and want to lose weight as fast as they can without doing too much effort and exercising. (People are lazy in today's society.)

Health issues...

There're no health issues mentioned on their website since they don't want people to think there are consequences to eating their food. Studies haven’t shown major problems. Some say the side effects might include leg cramps, dizziness or fatigue, headaches, loose skin, hair loss, rashes, gas, diarrhea, bad breath, constipation, and (for women) menstrual changes

Other information...

*The typical four-week 5&1 adult package runs $315. Two-week packages are available for $162.50.

*Could possibly prevent or control diabetes.

*Possibly has cardiovascular benefits, but no more that many other diets.

*Alcohol isn't recommended.

*Ordering meals and prepping them is quick and easy.

*Online recourses and in-person centers provide support and extra motivation.