King's treasure hunt

by Susan King Daniel 9th grade

We began our treasure hunt by downloading the QR reader ( from the AP store. Each group consisted of 3 students who had in their possession a small piece of paper which held a clue to their final solution. Each group had to solve their 2 step equation in order to find the missing piece which had been carefully placed around the campus somewhere.
After solving the problem, their mission was to locate the other half of their piece of puzzle by scouring the hallways of Daniel 9th grade campus until they found the piece with the matching solution. They then had to solve the missing half to confirm that that was the correct solution. After finding the missing piece, they used their phones with a QR reader to scan the two pieces to discover if they were correct; If they were, their phones would have a secret message telling them that they were successful in finding their piece of treasure.

Prep time and success of this activity:

Prep time for this activity was about 1 hour. After setting up all equations on the QR text form, they had to be cut and placed around the building. I also had to set up the groups and type out instructions for the groups.
Overall, it went very well and I would definitely do this activity again using a different concept. I think the students had a good time with this and were engaged and successful. Next time I think I would have made the problems more challenging.
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