Fourth Grade Newsletter

Welcome Back!

Gingerbread House Week is Next Week!

Fourth Grade Specials Time is from 8:40 - 9:30

December 8 - Veenhuyzen

December 9 - Chopra

December 10 - Vu

December 11 - Biederer


Students will continue their study of traditional literature. We will consider the setting, plot, character and theme.


Students are busy composing realistic fiction narratives. Students will build characters and think about the heart of the story.

Social Studies

Students will study the influence of European explorers who landed in Texas. This week we will study Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado. Check out the links to learn more about these explorers at home.


Students will be finishing up our unit on using problem solving models to for multi-step word problems. Continue supporting your child at home by having them practice long division, and the standard algorithm for multiplication.

Next week, we will begin our Personal Financial Literacy unit with our shopping project. If you have any flyers for items that include prices, please send them to school with your child.


Students will finish up Force, Motion, and Energy this week. Students are designing experiments that test the effect of force (gravity, magnetism, friction) on an object. Don't forget: there is a test on Friday.

A Note from our GT Teacher, Ms. Sager

If you are interested in having your child screened for the Gifted and Talented program please pick up a copy of the parent checklist from the front office. Parent checklists may also be obtained from this site All parent checklists are due December 11th.

WatchDOG Information

Please visit the following website if you are interesting in being a WatchDOG