Student Vs Staff

Dodgeball Game!

Win to play, Play to win. This is It

Come Join us! Have a chance to throw a dodge ball at a teacher or better yet our Principle!

Who doesn't want to join? Just a dollar to participate and its free to watch! Who will win? Who will be annihilated? We also have a snack cart, everything for 1$! Candy, Chips & Crush!

Dodgeball !

Friday, May 17th 2013 at 12pm

Allan A. Martin Senior Public School, Gym, Ogden Avenue, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Have to much Homework? Have so many Tests? Have any Projects? Have any Assignments due? Get back on your feet, Grab a dodgeball and practice throwing.

Look at the sports bored for Details!

Look on the Sports bored, to see which team is playing, and who you're up against. Start planning ahead. The team that dominates all their grade will represent their grade in a feisty 3 - 1 Team, Students have an upper hand but is that enough?

Remember charges will apply upon entry for the Final Dodge ball!