The Black Cat

By Garrett, Alejandro, Alonzo, and Justin

Plot Line

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The narrator went through a mental change due to the mass consumption of of alcohol. He became ignorant of others and irritable. Because of this, he starting to abuse his pets and his wife. He later took his cat, Pluto, and ripped its one of its eye from its eye socket. Later he hangs the cat. Because of this, he suffers even more.


The story is written from the narrators jail cell,highlighting the theme of " freedom and confinement". The narrator writes from his place of confinement and giving the reader the details that lead him to prison. We noticed that the man was wealthy because of the size of the house was bigger then the one they could afford near the end. When the house burned down so did all his belongings and well everything. The repetition of building and destroying of literal walls helps us see the mental or psychological walls the narrator is building and destroying. And the cellars are another important part of the story where the cat is inside the wall next to his dead wife. Basically giving himself up and finishing the story.

Flash Back

The narrator of the black cat tells us from early an early age he loved animals. Him and his wife have had many pets including a large black cat named Pluto.