The South Texas Renegades

Andrea Escoto 6th Period

The Outlaws of South Texas

These Renegades commited crimes such as robbing and raiding towns and settlements. The outlaws instilled fear in many Texans and Mexican Americans because of the violence and conflicts they caused. Furthermore. the Texas Rangers were sent to the lower Rio Grande to establish peace ,but failed. Cattle raids rises ,so the Special Force tried stopping them. Again, they failed. Texas RAngers soon patrolled areas for the Renegades. Cattle raiding did not stop, but slowly decreases.The Texas Rangers did not stop until lawlessness reduced. Peace did not come easy ,but Mexican Americans would remember these years with bitterness.

Information found in " Texas and Texans" textbook.

The Special Force

The Special Force, commanded by Captain L.H McNelly, was a unit that helped stop the Renegades. Captain McNelly was a fearless officer who was a vetran of the Confederate calvery. This force parolled around to keep the Renegades who commiting crimes. They slowley helped decrease the lawlessness of the south as it was not easy.

Information found in"Texas and Texans" textbook.