Biome Technology Project- Jada Lee

Taiga Biome By Jada Lee

General Description of the Taiga Biome

Organisms that live in the Taiga Biome have to be able to survive in cold weather. The Taiga Biome is also the largest of all biome's. Although the Taiga is mostly cold, in the summer the Taiga is hot and humid.

Abiotic Factors

The total yearly rain in the Taiga is 10-30 inches. Unlike Texas in the Taiga it snows in the winter, it also rains in the summer. In the winter very cold winds from the arctic blow into the Taiga. In the summer the temperature gets as low as 20ºF.


The Ural Mountains are in the north parts of the Taiga. There are also lots of glaciers in the Taiga. There are lots of lakes in the Taiga like Lake Melville and Dubawni Lake. The Atlantic Ocean is also in some parts of the Taiga.

Biotic factors

Some of the animals in the Taiga are a snowshoe hare, arctic hare, and a snow goose. The Siberian Spruce is a plant grown in the Taiga. Also the White Spruce and the Blasam Fir

Ecological concerns or issues

In the Taiga some issues are daily earthquakes, forest fires, and volcano eruptions. Some other threats are pollution and destruction to the environment.
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