KP Friday Focus

December 12, 2014

School News

Awesome Week

What a week filled with awesome opportunities to connect with one another and our families in different ways. I loved seeing our students' talents highlighted on and off campus and appreciate those who took the time to attend the concert and the book fair. Your presence means the world to students and their families.


  • Students using the chrome books and ipads to deepen their learning. I saw a student using Khan Academy to add and subtract integers and he told me this was to prove to his teacher he understood what she had taught.
  • Staff collaborating about the best revisions or tweaks to make the CREST process a more effective way to reach all kids.
  • Twenty plus students in our school-wide homework club working away based on identified goals for the hour.
  • Students coding, coding, coding.
  • Staff extending their circle by mingling and getting to know other community members at our faculty meeting.
  • Teachers presenting the strengths and needs of their department with passion and pride during CPDC.
  • Some interventions we've planned during CREST being implemented in classrooms (i.e. asking a student to repeat the instructions back to the teacher is his own words).
  • Students moving appropriately through the hallway.
  • More of a teacher presence in the halls; where there was a strong teacher presence there were less issues.
  • Teachers offering quick feedback and adjusted lesson to meet a student's needs.
  • Teachers use more positive vocabulary and encouraging words to get students to perform and to reward those who are successful.
  • Several (more than 10) teachers who hosted working lunches with students.
  • Teachers on cafeteria duty interacting with students in a less formal manner helping to build relationships.
  • Students who felt free to take risks. In one class I saw a student who was persistent in solving a problem. It took him five attempts before he had the right answer. The teacher let him know that she was proud of him.

Gem Award to:

  • Bobbi Schilberg from colleague Nancy Salvatore for sharing stress reducing techniques for the holidays and everyday.
  • Karen Walsh and Joy Wright from colleague Shoshana LaPointe and Nancy Salvatore for the delicious cookies and hot chocolate at the faculty meeting.

Upcoming Events

December 15th
  • 7th Grade Concert 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM --Auditorium

December 16th and 17th
  • Staff Raffle

December 18th
  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 3:30pm--Auditorium

December 19th
  • Hot Cocoa served in the faculty room for staff from 7:30-10:30am.
  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 7:00pm--Auditorium
  • Staff Raffle

December 23rd

  • School Concerts
  • Staff Ugly Sweater Day
  • Staff Raffle

Lunch and Learn Take 2

We'd like to take a moment to assess our use of Lunch & Learn so far, and how we can continue to meet the staff's needs for technology and wellness. We have covered several topics through other venues, so would like your input as to what still needs to be addressed.

Support a former KP and current Bristow Colleague

Dawn Manogue's husband John Toomey has kidney disease and they need the community to support their efforts to reduce the burden of medical costs. You can do that by participating in an Art exhibit-sale and Crafts Market to be held on Sunday, Dec. 14th at ArtSpace Hartford. Please click here for more information.

Congratulations to Pat Grynbaum

Pat Grynbaum, paraprofessional in special needs room 21 is retiring! Her last day at KP is December 23rd. We wish Pat well.

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