Natural Resources

Surface Mining

Soil and rock which cover the materials that get mined are removed, which occurs on the surface. Strip mining on the surface is used to mine coal and brown coal. Examples of surface mining are strip mining, open-pit mining, and mountaintop removal mining.

Subsurface Mining

Rock diamonds and minerals all dug up from underground mines in caves. These caves are secure but are life threatening if rocks fall down at one point when you are mining. The groundwater from mines more acidic than surface water and disrupts ecosystems.


It is people drill down in the earth for fossil fuels, water, and for other materials. Fracking also involves inject liquids in the ground. Fracking can contaminate the groundwater, pollutes the air as well, and it has the effect of exposition of toxic chemicals.

Land Drilling and Ocean Drilling comparing

They both are drilling for materials

They both use expensive equipment to find materials

They both give the world materials to do what we need to do

Land and Drilling environmental concerns

It can be effecting/ killing the fish in the ocean, and be limiting the plants in the water to get the appropriate nutrition from the sun. Oil spills will kill lots of fish.
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