What the government is doing

  • The government can see everything you do where ever you are. The government has put tracking chips and cameras on your devices to find criminals and other people.
  • The government put special cameras where there is alot of crime to catch the criminals. And tracking towers to see where you are.
  • The devices that they use we cant see because its like inside our device and the cameras we can see on the road but we dont knows at the other end
  • The government can see what you are doing on your phone Ipad or any device with a camera on it. The governmenet.t can see if your playing a game or doing somthing on the internet
  • Right now the government knows where you are. Our phones have tracking chips in them when you buy your device. And they can see where you are so they can find you if you did somthing bad.
  • the government is foing this for our safty and to catch criminals and if they didnt do this there would be so many unsolved mysterys.
  • There are people right know waching us and people are always watching us for our saftey and to catch criminals.
The government also uses drones for surveillance and tracking.
Big image
Big image
This is a picture of a special camera that the government put out to track stuff and theres a camera in it.
I thing this is a good thing that the government is doing because they are just looking after us, but it is weird because they are waching us all the time.


cell phone tracking devices

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governments tracking towers to find crimanals

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this a thing that the government put out everywhere. there cameras

this picture is saying that the government is conected to all our phones

this picture shows cameras on the road for anyone who crosses a red light.

this picture shows how the police usedrowns to see things from high above.