Spring Has Sprung!

Stella & Dot News, Kudos and More!

It's getting warmer!!!

Can you feel that? I think it's the sun...I think it's starting to get warmer too?! My boots are packed away and i'm ready for open toed shoes, how about you?
So many exciting things happening with Stella & Dot, especially with our new bags launching this week! What items do you have your eye on?
Lead Stylists and above! It is now time to order our Summer 2013 Samples!! The new TOTES are incredibly stylish and versatile. I love the fresh prints of the scarves too. And of course new Jewels! All stylists can sample this Friday. You can refresh or sample any piece you want for 50% off! Happy Shopping!

Way to GO! Look at these qualified and then some stylists!

Bridget Keys $2988
Lindsay Remley $2515
Kelly Nagle $1750
Candice Hannah $984
And on my second line...
Quinn Perry $1322

Who Do You Know??

Sponsoring is as casual as booking a trunk show! And there is no better way to layer your income then to add people to your team. Invite your potential to our team meeting on the 16th and they will receive a free necklace and pair of earrings, just for coming!

I'm Here For YOU!

Questions, Concerns, Want to tell me something awesome that's happening with you? I love to chat anytime! Call or text me! Or let's get together for coffee...you know I love to hang out and get to know people better:)