Lord Asriel

Phillip Pullman - Northen Lights

Who is Lord Asreil?

Halfway through chapter one, readers are presented with the kind-hearted yet demanding and powerful Lord Asriel. Though out the duration of the book, Phillip Pullman gives us a better in sight on who he really is, what he means to Lyra ( the main character ) and why he is such an important character in the book 'Northen Lights'.
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Lord Asriel is a strong nod demanding man, with what Pullman describes as a 'harsh and powerful' voice that give Lyra the sense of apprehension. He has a very high position on the Hairaky of Jordan College. From what we read in the book, Lord Asriel is a busy man, and has the very important job of being the prime ministers 'Special Advisory Body'. He and Lyra have had some history, as a result, they have a really close connection, which begins to unravel thought the duration of the book.