Monday Morning Message

Carlisle Elementary School

September 22-26, 2014

Upcoming Events:

9-23 Parent/Teacher Conferences
9-24 Fall Pictures

9-29 School Board Meeting

9-30 5th Grade Ocean Expo Meeting 6:00 pm

Parent-Teacher Conference Reminders

I am looking forward to having parents in our building Tuesday so that we can share the great things going on at CES! I wanted to share with you some general expectations of what I believe should occur at parent conferences. This is one of the biggest events of the school year in regards to parents/guardians walking away either satisfied or dissatisfied with the Carlisle School District.

1. Attend. Parent conferences are required to be held once a semester and certified teachers are paid a full day's wage to be present from 2:30-7:30.

2. Document. Each teacher shall document the participation or non participation of each parent or legal guardian. You should have sign in sheets supplied by and returned to the office.

3. Accommodate. Try not to let your line get backed up. Stick to your schedule if you have prearranged conference times. Have a couple of seats available outside your door where parents sit and wait. Be in your room even if you don't have anyone for an extended time. You may have to cut things short and reschedule at a later date if you have a parent who is taking so much of your time that you cannot get to other parents.

4. Be Honest. This is a time for you to truly let parents/guardians know how their child is doing. It always helps to state something positive about a student, but do not sugarcoat their academic performance or behavior. Retention decisions need to be shared now.

5. Prepare. Have all the artifacts/evidence organized and ready to show the parent how the student is doing and why they have the grade. Prepare your room/office in an orderly and tidy fashion. Have student academic work displayed in the hallway so that parents have something to look at while they wait. Let me know if there are maintenance issues that need to be addressed so that we can resolve those matters. I really want our campus in the best shape possible for this event.

6. Dress. Please wear your district polo shirt with dress pants. No jeans please.

7. Eat Dinner. Please post a note on your door with your scheduled dinner and return time listed.

I hope everyone has a great Parent-Teacher night! Classified staff are not required to attend.

Sonic is SUPER!!

The Carlisle Sonic's new manager, Stormy, dropped by last week with a gift for our team! A red "Sonic tray" key chain will be placed in your boxes today. When you order a large drink, let the car hop know you have this key chain and you will receive large drinks for 99 cents all day... every day whether you are buying for one or for a car load! Make sure to keep your key chain handy in case you have to show it to the car hop. Please be sure to express your gratitude for this kind gesture.

Creating with Caviness

We will host "Creating with Caviness"the CES version of Painting with a Twist on Monday, October 27th in the cafeteria. If you would like to participate, the cost for all supplies will be $10 per person. Payment needs to be made by Friday, October 24th. Please pay in the office. Refreshments will be served. We will be creating a CES, CHS, BISON or Monogrammed canvas. They make great gifts! Time will be 6:00 - 8:00. Please sign up here.

Come enjoy a creative atmosphere, good food, good fun and great friends!

Not Pictured

4th Grade CES Student Council Representatives: Belle White and Brice Isbell

3rd Grade CES Student Council Representative: Trevor Henderson

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