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Dear partners,

I hope all we have a good start of the New 2014 year. Thanks for all Christmas cards and wishes you made. We have some kind wishes and from the Global Classroom which you can hear from the shared voicethread.

It is time for the new January activity, so let it be dedicated to tolerance - let 's make our students to know more what tolerance is, how to be more tolerant with their classmates and beyond the classroom, to give and share our examples for tolerance. You can express any aspect of beeing tolerant in your classroom and out of it. Organize activity which you think is the most engaging for your students they to express their tolerance, kidness and creativity and share all that by using any kind of media you'd like. You can use your glogster accounts also, just let me remind you that your nicknames for log in glogster are on the wiki page (where it is written 'make your registration'

I am giving you some ideas about the activity, but what exactly you do will be your and your students choise. Be nice, be creative, be your selves!

Good luck !

~ yours Rose

Example 1

Open the link of the glog bellow and check all ideas and links on it. You can come up with your own solution.

Example 2

Watch the videos and check the link to the Great Kindneaa Chalenge project.

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