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Gatsby's First Party

An event that truly marks the beginning of beach season. An event
we have waited for since summer last year. Jay Gatsby's first summer
party started summer off with a blast. Gatsby's party have brought the
people of New York together for years now no matter your background or
social stature. I visited this party and all I can say is "WOW". This
party summed up the early 1920's in one night. Liquor pouring freely
like waterfalls and music playing wall to wall by Mr. Gatsby's piano
player. These parties have given many residences of the big apple a
bright memory of the past years, but the thing on everyone's mind is
who is Jay Gatsby? Some say he was a hero of the First World War,
others say that he is a bootlegger and made his money doing illegal
things. No one knows what Gatsby did to make his money but what we do
know is that these parties are wonderful for the city that never
sleeps and that these parties will not stop.

2nd Party of the Summer

Monday, July 10th 1922 at 8pm

Gatsby's Mansion West Egg New York

All are invited

Come Enjoy West Egg

Where New Money Meets Old Lifestyle... Visit Soon

Death In The Valley Of Ashes

Horrific news has come out from the Valley of Ashes today. Local woman hit by car and found dead. Myrtle Wilson wife of George Wilson a local gas station owner was found dead witnesses say that she was hit by a speeding car. One witness said "I saw a bright yellow car speeding down the road and she just jumped in front of it trying to get the car to stop but it kept going and hit her. The car stopped for a moment then it sped off. Police have yet to identify the owner of the vehicle. " We are working hard to find who the owner of the vehicle is and bring them to justice" the chief of police said. "We do not condone or tolerate any kind reckless acts of driving he said. Hopefully we find the person who committed this horrible crime and put them behind bars. Horrible Crimes have happened in this dark part of the city but nothing as bad as this.
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Wilson's Garage

Under New Management

1921 World series

With summer heat coming in, so does baseball fever. last years world series was a memorable one for the fans and myself. If you aren't a baseball fan then I'm here to tell you about it today. The series was between 2 great New York teams, The New York Giants and The New York Yankees. This world series featured the hall of famer and one and only Babe Ruth. Even with the Babe the Yankees could not hold off the national league best and lost to them in 8 games with the series standing at 5-3. The Giants over powered the Yankees and even beat them by 8 runs in the third game. This series lit a fire and all New Yorkers heart and myself. This season is about to be stupendous and I cant wait for another New York vs. New York battle
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Death Of Jay Gatsby

The mysterious man that we all call "Gatsby" was found dead floating in his pool earlier this afternoon. Jay Gatsby was one of the biggest names in 1920s New York, but the mysterious thing about him is that nobody really knows who he is. He was mostly known for his city wide parties in his mansion along the bay.

The millionare, Gatsby, was allegedly murdered by an unidentified male who broke into his house and fired a handgun instantly killing him. The police were called by one of Gatsbys associates. Another man was found at the scene holding the gun and police are examining the body as we speak. Many believe that the killer was New York's own George Wilson after trying to get revenge on Mr. Gatsby for killing his wife. Many know Wilson for his gas station in the valley of ashes and cheap prices. .The legend of Jay Gatsby will forever be remembered in New York. Although 99% of us didn't think he was a real man, his stories will now be told realer than ever. A memoriam will be held for Mr. Gatsby in weeksto come by his close friend and neighbor, Nick Carraway, but with no true friends or relatives, the attendance should not be overwhelming. RIP Mr. Gatsby
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