first time with mis sheahan

what i did in ela


if you think of a book you think words but if you are reading correctly you will be making a movie in your head. in this activity mis.sheahan read a article discribeing what a animal and a giant looked like and we had to draw what we saw in our heads
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we watched a vidio called big buck bunny and paused it many different times and predicted what would happen like if he was going to cry turn mean are stay sensitive and happy


persuaid inform entertain we need to know wye our auther wants us to read this. if i said twilight is to persuade that wouldent make sense so if it is fiction woth vampires
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what i love about 6th grade

i can make a new impreshion. every day i used to have ratty hair every day and mostly ugly cloths. but back to school shoping help with my out fits and i started to brush my hair more often and now that there are 2 other schools so they dont know how i used to be i have 4 new freands.