ElectriSave Technology

Saving Electricity for You

Do the Right Thing at a Right Time

  1. Alternative energy sources still cannot justify the cost investment.
  2. Continuous cost management starts to show its limitation.
  3. ElectriSave proposes a centrally -installed product to save >10% for you.

Electrisave Power Management Appliance for Industrial/ Commercial Purpose

ElectriSave Products have no complicated IC loops and mechanical wear, the special design and technology could keep it at a temperature below 45℃ and a super low self-loss less than 0.01%, which make it possible to run ElectriSave Products for a longer term. ElectriSave Products could regulate the change of voltage and unbalance of voltage; it could play a protective role and extend the endurance of equipment for the user.

Our Guarantee

  • Absolutely Safe
  • Perfectly Legal
  • Effective Power Saving

We sincerely welcome you to join us for sharing of green technology to create wonderful future hand in hand.