Teacher Spotlight

Rochambeau, Kiser, Graham

Focus on the Vision

Closing the achievement gap for our students developing English as a second language is our goal and three teachers have been making big gains in our district. Those teachers are Alicia Rochambeau, Marcie Kiser, and Rachel Graham. This is our English Language Development (ELD) team and these three teachers are passionate about Excellent Educational Experiences for Every Student Every Day and have been laser focused on this vision!


These three teachers are teaching the communication skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking to students who are acquiring English. Communication is the Global Outcome they focus on daily with students by developing learning plans specific to each unique student and working with students to reach their goals. They work on communication skills with students in and out of the classrooms and constantly assess each student's needs and adjust accordingly. A major focus for this team of educators has been teaching students how to self-advocate and overcome the fear of communicating with teachers when they need help. This team also provides social and emotional support for students on a daily basis by helping them cope with the challenges of learning a second language at the same time as fulfilling the high cognitive demands of school. They build strong relationships with their students and support their success in all aspects of school life.


Rochambeau, Kiser, and Graham took opportunities throughout the summer and the fall to gain professional learning and expand their own personal knowledge about teaching English as a second language. They study promising practices for closing the gap for ELD students and work with administrators and teachers to implement changes in our schools. They have formed a new PLC (Professional Learning Community) together to share their knowledge, generate ideas, align instruction, and support each other.

They have redesigned the way they are supporting students with English Language Development (ELD) plans. They are involving all classroom teachers in understanding the goals and needs for students' plans so we can all work as a collective team to support student success. In addition, they have demonstrated outstanding leadership in front of their peers in staff meetings, and have embraced opportunities to lead professional learning. The motivation and passion these three teachers bring to their profession is inspiring. The result of their collaboration is a more unified team of teachers and increasingly supported students.

Growth Mindset

This ELD team has a mindset for life-long learning. They grow, learn, and take on new challenges with their students. When something goes poorly, they reflect and try again. They model this mindset for their students and they help students find new strategies that work for them.

Recently, Marcie Kiser advocated for newcomers at the high school to try a new technology called W2T Translators that the students can use with their teachers to translate between English and Spanish while they converse.

Alicia Rochambeau and Rachel Graham have been working with their school principal and elementary school staff to redesign the ELD instruction and try something new.

These actions promote a spirit of innovation, inquiry, and collective problem solving. These three educators are not afraid to take risks when something isn't working and they strive for improvement. Global Outcomes don't only shine in the students they are teaching, but in themselves.

Thank you Mrs. Rochambeau, Mrs. Kiser, and Mrs. Graham!


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