Bell Metal (Bronze)

Briana Hayes

what is the alloy made of and the percentages of each material ?

is a bronze with a high tin content of 20-25 %.

statuary bronze with a tin content of less than 10%. and a mixture of zinc and lead , (which is technically a brass.)

how was this alloy discovered ?

a type of bronze with a precise mixture of copper and tin.

explains how the alloy is manufactured

bronze, copper and tin are melted

indicates the cost of (cost to produce or to buy )

5 1/2 inch diameter at base, 2.9 lbs.$ 349.00

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prices continued

Metal TypePrice

Lead$0.35-0.45 / lb

Plumbers Brass$1.00-1.12 / lb

Sheet Aluminum$0.30-0.33 / lb

Stainless Steel$0.21-0.30 / lb

three physical properties of the alloy

1.melting point


3.boiling point


three chemical properties of the alloy


2. thermal degradation

3.heat combustion


what the alloy is used for

making bells

describes at least one interesting fact about the alloy that is not already included

that they use different mixtures of metals for certain types of bells.
Bell Metal Craft_Making Process