Snapshot - Remote Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are exceptionally proud of the resilience and flexibility that is being continually demonstrated by our students, adapting to a different style of learning. We will be sharing the achievements of our students each week, and will be celebrating those who put in exceptional effort or achieve particularly well with their remote learning.

Year 7

Head of Year Nomination:

Miss Buffini has nominated the following students for producing fantastic work over the last week: Tomi A, Courtney F, Aleksandra M, Miller T, Aston W, Tyler O’B, Ruby H, GurKirat and Sebastian.

Mrs Sahota would like to say well done to Kirat G, Ruby H, Ugne M, Tyler, Mia, Nikola S, Amy W, for their exceptional work in Spanish. Below is a picture of Kirat's work.

Mrs Firmin has nominated Courtney, Nikole K, Reva and Eva (7CO) for outstanding commitment and effort in Art and Miller T (7TU) for outstanding commitment and effort in Art and DT. Also nominated is Veronica who has been experimenting with digital art work media for her Pop Art project, Mrs Firmin is super impressed – she has shown a lot of perseverance and effort to do this, as have many of her Year 7 Art classes. WELL DONE!

Mrs Gonzalez-Villamil Lean has nominated my 7SI for their Spanish descriptions of snow people (picture below).

Mrs Feeley has nominated the following students for excellent work in PE: Johann, Gabija, Ann Maria, Emily and Alicja Z (7ST) and Crystal, Jennifer, Charlie, Owen and Tanesha (7CU).

7TA did really well on the online mini whiteboard task in Music and a special mention for Ugne who did a smashing job of all the tasks in the lesson – Miss Patrick was so impressed!

Mr Chatfield has nominated Lois G for amazing progress in her couch to 5k sessions during her PE lessons.

Veronica S - Year 7 Art

Big picture

Year 8

Head of Year Nomination:

Mr Cox has nominated Rene (8CA) for her excellent effort and attitude to learning across all lessons.

Mrs Sahota has nominated Dantess A, Gretil B, Greta C, Nana D, Dominic D. Sienna M, Urszula M, Louisa S, Sandra S for completing great independent learning consistently to a high standard in Spanish.

Mrs Firmin has nominated Lucy (8TA) for outstanding commitment and effort in DT.

Mrs Gonzalez-Villiamil Lean has nominated Tyler S for his hard work in Spanish and RSCS.

Mrs Feeley has nominated the following PE students who have been working super hard in online learning and have made great progress in their knowledge: Kurtis, Rene, Kacper, Nadia and Julia.

Miss Patrick would like to say well done to Harrison K in 8ST who has done a really amazing job this week on the Music worksheet and his bassline!

Miss Arshad has nominated Isabella W. Year 8 are currently studying the Victorian Gothic Literature Unit. Isabella has written an excellent analysis of Mr. Hyde's character from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and has analysed several quotations in her PEA paragraph, providing detailed and thoughtful responses. Moreover, she has analysed the use of subject terminology accurately, explained how the situation makes her feel and made links to prior learning - she has met all aspects of the success criteria. Picture below.

Mr Lee has nominated Kacper and Ronnie (8ST) who have scored 100% on every task set this week in Maths on the volume of 3D shapes.

Mrs Ferns has nominated Calin, Benjamin and Nayon for achieving 100% on all the Maths tasks and excellent progress and understanding of finding area of 2D shapes and cylinders.

Year 9

Head of Year Nomination:

Mrs Morgan has nominated Melissa S for her consistent hard work and producing amazing Art work this week.

Mrs Sahota has nominated the following for exceptional independent learning in Spanish: Dylan C, Sophie H, Jonathan W, Myrtle B, Isaac N, Tanya R, Kirsten O, Danils P, Alicia S, Adam S, Jazmine S, Dawa T, Jana O, Ksenija and Falun.

Mrs Firmin would like to say well done to Gabriela and Robert (9CO) for outstanding effort in DT. Also nominated are the following students, after being asked to create a polymer poster, these students have completed some particularly thoughtful and creative work, showing that they had really considered the brief:

Euan G, Mason, Milena M and Harvey M.

Mrs Feeley has nominated the following PE students who have been working super hard in online learning and have made great progress in their knowledge: Gabriela, Valeriu, Ethan, Aimie, Paulina, Maciej and Amelia.

Ms Hallybone would like to nominate Halle B for their excellent work in Drama.

Miss Hankins has nominated Hasan for making a fabulous Strawberry and Chocolate Dessert from scratch, picture below.

Miss Patrick would like to nominate 9CA for brilliant engagement in the Music lesson and for handing in lots of excellent Bandlab pieces - Adam and Dawa did particularly well.

Miss Jenkins would like to nominate Theo R (9ST) for an excellent composition, and Melissa S (9SW) for completing some fantastic Music Technology work that has been set as an optional extra – well done!

Mr Lee would like to say well done to Sonny, Kai, Ruben, Kent, Hollie, Hasan, Kieran, Talia, Nikola, Corina, Kiera T and Gabriela for their effort and resilience with the introduction to trigonometry in Maths.

Year 10

Head of Year Nomination:

Mrs Feeley has nominated Darcey and Abigail for their hard work and commitment this week.

Mrs Firmin would like to nominate the following students who have been working particularly well and persevering with some difficult concepts in Food Science – they all also scored very highly in their test: Kyzer, Danielle, Jack B, Jayme-Lei, Bethany, Brandon W, Dagan, Ellie I, Leila and Lexi.

The following students were nominated by Mrs Sahota for working consistently well and to a high standard in Spanish, Cameron B and Naomi, also nominated for their great effort and hard work are Darcey C Luke R, Jenna and Annareka.

Mrs Feeley has nominated the following PE students who have been working super hard in online learning and have made great progress in their knowledge: Holly, Olivia, Denisa, Adrian and Gabriela.

Mrs Rice has nominated Tola and Avantika for excellent work on their speeches in English.

Miss Hallybone would like to say well done and thank you to Oliwia, Tom, Hollie, Abigail and Jenna in 10CO for being reliable and friendly, turning up and chatting in tutor time every single day.

Mrs Brown would like to say well done to Alex C, Alex P, Alicja S, Israel Z, Athish R, Chloe S, Brandon W for great speeches and to the rest of 10AP2 English for working so hard on their speeches this week.

Miss Arshad would like to say a huge well done to Oscar, Kyzer, Sanjai, Sam C, Angel, Oliwia and Jayme-leigh for writing fantastic GCCE English Speaking and Listening speech on important topical issues. Their knowledge and passion for their chosen topic shines through!

A special mention for Imanuels for great effort, high quality research and his commitment to continually improving and refining his speech.

Tola has created revision sources using a laptop and has made these excellent revision cards by hand, great work in DT.

Mr Lee would like to say thank you to Aimee, Darcey, Shamiso, Dagan, Alicja, Beth, Tye and Louis for their high quality and consistent contributions in our live Maths lessons.

Mrs Ferns has nominated her Maths groups for excellent attendance and positive attitudes.

Year 11

Head of Year Nomination:

Miss Arshad is extremely proud of how Year 11 students have dealt with working from home and their resilience during this time of increased independent learning. Moreover, they have adjusted to the new systems very well. In addition, she is proud of the Year 11 community we have in school for displaying such high standards of uniform, behaviour and their positivity and commitment to learning. They have been an absolute credit to themselves!

Well done to the Year 11 students below for their excellent engagement and effort in all their subject areas. They are great role models!

Marli, Ana R, Lily T, Logan O, Liam C, Thomas M, Klaudia M, Carmen M, Junhao W.

Well done to Anthony for great effort and his lesson star achievement.

Miss Hallybone would like to say well done to Marli for her excellent effort in English Literature.

Mr Harley has nominated Keiro and Declan for the hard work they are putting into Engineering.

Mr Lee would like to thank Marli, Lukas, Jermaine, Adrijus, Kiero, Lacy, Brooke and Dina for their high quality and consistent contributions in our live Maths lessons.

Mrs Morgan woudl like to say well done to Summer for her hard work in Art, picture below of work Summer has recently completed.

Mrs Ferns would like to say well done to her Maths groups for their positive attitude, good attendance and engagement with their lessons.

Mrs Brightwell has nominated Lily, Ines, Jude, Ana, Kiero, Dragos, Tamsyn, Dagmara, Brady, Katie, Adrijus, Arnas, Klaudia, Carmen, Sam and Grace who all achieved great results in their teacher assessed Science task this week. Katie also received the most positives this week for 11CA, well done!

Mrs Firmin would like to mention the Year 11 Food Preparation and Nutrition class, it is really great to hear how hard they are working with Mr Rogers, Mrs Firmin has looked at some of their work, and is really proud of how they are getting on, and the effort and attitude they are displaying.

Summer - Art

Big picture

Lesson Stars of the Week

In this section we will highlight the students in each Year group who have achieved the most lesson stars each week:

Year 7:

Jennifer 7ST

Ugne 7TA

Tyler 7TA

Sebastien 7ST

Miller 7TU

Emily 7CU

Year 8:

René 8CA

Mariyah 8SW

Lucy 8TA

Chloe 8ST

Harrison 8ST

Kacper L 8CA

Nadia 8CA

Olivia P 8TE

Tyler S 8TE

Year 9:

Alexander B 9ST

Gabriela C 9CO

Isla 9TA

Lilly 9SW

Nikodem 9CO

Valeriu 9CO

David M 9CA

Rhia 9TE

Dejan 9CO

Maciej P 9CO

Year 10:

Gabriela M 10TA

Darcey 10TE

Oliwia N 10CO

Abigail 10CO

Lana 10ST

Alicja 10SW

Samuel M 10CA

Daisy 10TA

Chloe 10CA

Oscar S 10TA

Andrew 10CO

Year 11:

Antony 11ST

Sam C 11CA

Liam 11ST

Gabrielle 11TE

Dagmara 11TE

Zak 11TE

Aidan 11TE

Thomas 11TE

Kiero 11TE

Adrijus 11TE

Sunny 11TE

Assembly Music Video:

Each week at the end of our assembly, we share a piece of music with the students in a video that has been captioned by the Music Department with information about the composition and context of the music. If you would like to see this week’s Musical piece, please click on the link below:

For this week’s Assembly Music click here.