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Democracy in Actions – The Odyssey on Trial

By examining ancient Greek voting artifacts, students should understand the concepts of voting and the relationship of decisions, actions, and consequences. Students should be able to compare and contrast the voting systems in Ancient Greece to the voting system in the United States. Students will then, participate in a mock trial putting Poseidon on trial for the death of Odysseus’s men in the Odyssey.

Tour of American Moments (with scavenger hunt)

When Greeks came to the U.S. during the Great Wave of immigration, they faced a challenging and sometimes inhospitable environment. Students will follow the journeys of Greek immigrants and learn how they adapted to create a Greek-American identity, leading a discussion about how cultural traditions are carried on by individuals. During the tour students have a scavenger hunt to fill in. Then, they will put themselves in an immigrant’s shoes and write postcards home using calligraphy.

Street Art Tour with Stamp making craft (Tentative after November 2014)

Education Department

Dimitra Georgouses, Education Coordinator

Jennifer Castellanos, School Programs Coordinator