Dance and Music in Ancient China

By: Paige Wright

Why was this invention important to China?

It is was important because the ancient Chinese used it for pleasure, religious ceremonies, announcements, dance, entertainment, and to match or blend with the sounds of nature around them.

Why this invention is important to our world today!

Dance and music is important today because without music we might not have the joy of sound and if we did not have dance would could not experience what it is like to dance and perform.

Facts about dance in ancient China!

Some of the dances now in today's life like dancing with long sleeves have been recorded at least as early as the Zhou dynasty. The most important earliest dances served in important ritual and ceremonial roles. They are know as yayue which was continued to be performed in the imperial court until the Qin dynasty came along. The art of dance in China had reached a peak when the Tang dynasty was around.

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Facts about music in Ancient China!

The dynasties called Xia, Shang, and Zhou official enjoyed music and it was made on chimes and bells. When the Tang dynasty was around dancing and singing entered the mainstream, spreading from the royal court. In the Song dynasty opera such as Zaju and Nanxi was performed in tearooms, showcases, and theaters.

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More facts about Music and Dance in ancient China!

Traditional dance in the Chinese can be divided into two broad categories such as Court Dance and Folk Dance. Court dances has been around since the Qin dynasty and were performed in the palace for the emperor. People were playing drums and pipes as early as Shang Dynasty. The philosopher Confucius said that music should be a way of calming people down and making it easier for them to think.

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The final facts about music in ancient China!

Music in ancient China was used for pleasure, religious ceremonies, announcements, dance, entertainment, and to match or blend with the sounds of nature. The ancient Chinese used silk to make strings for instruments, bamboo for wooden instruments, metal was used for making bells, gongs, and chimes, and stone and clay instruments are also used to make chimes. The wooden instruments were mostly used in ancient China.

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