6th Grade Reading & Technology

Monday, January 5, 2015

Get Ready for the Florida Standards Assessment

We are nearing the 100th day of school and are only about ten weeks away from taking the brand new "Florida Standards Assessment" test. Teachers are "stepping up" emphasis on test-taking strategies and familiarizing students with the language of the test. We want our students to be successful and not stress about this new test. The best way to tackle something new is to become familiar with it and know what to expect. Here is a link to an informational brochure produced by our school district to help your child get ready!

Agenda for the Week...

Monday, Jan. 5--Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, Jan. 6--Silver Day
Wednesday, Jan. 7--Black Day
Thursday, Jan. 8--Silver Day
Friday, Jan. 9--Black Day

Weekly Activities:
  • Typing Web-you must complete 30 minutes each week, or 200 minutes for the quarter.
  • Reading Plus-you must complete 10 activities each week.
  • Edmodo-Check daily for updates from all teachers.
  • Quizlet-Study new vocabulary words for test coming up Jan. 15-16.

This week's Web Picks....

Understanding the Standards...

Common Core Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.5

"Analyze the structure an author uses to organize a text, including how the major sections contribute to the whole and to an understanding of the topic."

What are some ways that authors organize the text in their writings? How is the information organized? Do the authors actually THINK about how students might perceive their intended messages, or do they just write "willy nilly"? If you have the ability to recognize how text is put together, you're much more likely to understand the meaning of it. Cause & Effect, chronological order (time/order), problem/solution...these are all ways that authors organize their writing to help you make sense of it. We will practice with chronological order by completing a short practice packet.