Walk Two Moons Culminating Project

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Three Essential Literary Elements

  1. Themes of Walk Two Moons - Focus on the mysterious messages.
  2. Six Signposts of Fiction - Memory Moment, Aha Moment, Contrasts & Contradictions, Tough Questions, Words of the Wiser and Again & Again.
  3. Character Development - Choose 2-3 characters and describe how they change using details from the novel.
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Project Description

Select one project from the list below and incorporate the three essential literary elements into your platform. You may work individually or in small groups of 2-3.

This project is due 11/23/16.

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Choice #1

WebShow/Podcast (Live or Video)

Create a WTM web show where you discuss the three essential elements of the book, interview characters, and/or act out scenes from the book.



Create a WTM website using Google Sites or Smore where you describe the three essential literary elements of the book using writing, images and links.

Choice #3

Google Slides Presentation/Arts and Crafts Scrapbook

Create a WTM Google Slides presentation or an arts and crafts scrapbook describing the three essential literary elements of the book using text and images.


Game Show (Digital or Posterboard)

https://flipquiz.meCreate a game show that reviews important details from the three essential literary elements of the book using Kahoot, eQuizshow, Google Slides, FlipQuiz or a posterboard.

Choice #5

Postcard Collection (Digital or Physical)

Create a postcard collection like the one that Sal saved from her mom's trip. Use Google Drawings, Docs, Slides or any another application. Or create the postcards the old-fashioned way with paper, markers and other art supplies.

Choice #6

Create something of your own choosing (Teacher approval required).

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