wattle day

wattle day is on the first of september

wattle day

Four years later, 23 June 1992, Bill Hayden, the then the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, declared that '1 September in each year shall be observed as "National Wattle Day" throughout Australia and in the external Territories of Australia.

2010 was the centenary of the celebration of wattle day on 1 September 1910 in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

The day was originally conceived as a day to demonstrate patriotism for the new nation of Australia by wearing a sprig of wattle. 'Wattle Days emerged to prominence in Australia in the early years of the federated nation. They took on some of the national and civic responsibilities for children that Australia Day could not.

The first known use of wattle as a meaningful emblem in the Australian colonies dates back to the early days of Tasmania in 1838, when the wearing of silver wattle sprigs was encouraged especially on the occasion of an anniversary celebration of the 17th-century European discovery of the island. However the first recognised use of wattle as a symbol of the first day of spring was the formation in 1899 of a 'Wattle Club' in Victoria by Mr A. J. Campbell, a field