7 Burgundy Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • Class Pictures on Thursday
  • No school for students on 19th
  • African Country Project due Wednesday, 10th
  • Human Sexuality Information Night on the 17th (5:30 - 7pm) Parents Only!!

Language Arts

Julie Harris: julie.harris@asd20.org

7th ELA: Students have started a research unit on biographies and autobiographies of famous "pop culture" icons. Some students are researching presidents; some are examining the lives of athletes; some are learning about scientists and inventors. As students learn more about their "person of interest", they will complete three mini-projects that will help them prep for a speech and Wax Museum. We will continue to study vocabulary through our differentiated root study system, and students will complete a fourth (and final) outside reading project before the end of the year.

Dates to Know:

-Impact Letter or Interview due 4/16

-Scantron testing on 4/17

-Award/tombstone project due 4/26

-Farcebook project due 5/6 (post by 5PM)

-Speech, works cited, and Wax Museum performance due 5/9

-Last day to turn in work for credit on 5/16

-Vocabulary Post-test on 5/17

7th Lit and Comp: Students are reading the novel 20,000 Leauges Under the Sea, by Jules Verne, as a study of Science Fiction. Students will complete two multiple intelligence projects (called GRASPS), one research mini-project, and an essay. In addition to this unit, students will read an outside Sci-Fi book and complete a book talk: either Unwind, by Neil Shusterman (book talk with Mrs. Harris), or Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card (book talk with Mrs. White or Mrs. Harris). We will also continue studying vocabulary through Greek and Latin roots.

Dates to Know:

-Scantron testing on 4/17

-Fish mural due on 4/18

-GRASPS #1 due on 4/26

-GRASPS #2 due on 5/3

-Final essay due on 5/14

-Last day to turn in work for credit on 5/16

Social Studies


Welcome back everyone! I hope your Spring Break has recharged you as we start our 4th quarter of school. Before the break, we were studying ancient African kingdoms and how they thrived. Students created travel brochures travel journal and even African masks! Thanks for your hard work. We have returned to the computer lab this week to focus on modern African countries. Students have a choices of two methods to demonstrate what they learned. This project is due Wednesday the 10th. All information on the project can be found on my website.

Our next area of study will be China.



Pre-Algebra 7: Students will be working data and probability much of this quarter. Students are already engaged in their data projects which is a mostly in class project. Students will be gathering data, making graphs, doing research, and utilizing technology to make a presentation that answers the question: "Does the student body of Eagleview Middle school make healthy choice". This project is due Tuesday April 16th. Students will then begin their probability unit.

Algebra 1A: Students will be expanding on their understanding of linear equations. We will be looking at different forms of linear equations and how to change between them. We will also be working on solving systems of equations, both graphically and algebraically. This will be the focus for the class the remainder of the year. It is imperative for students to work hard this semester so that they are prepared for Algebra 1B next year.


Mrs. Gaunce is back!! I've enjoyed my time with our new little addition to the family, Nolan Finn Gaunce; however, it is great to be back with my students!!!

We are in full swing finishing up the human body. The beginning of April will be devoted to finish the Nervous System and Sensory Organs. Then, the rest of April will be dedicated to the Immune System and our Disease Project. This is going to be a very busy month, so it is imporant for the students to stay on top of the work!! My website is up and running and the calendar is now being utilized on the homepage. Please refer to the website if you have any questions.

This month, the students will receive their Human Sexuality Permission Slips (April 10th) to take home for you to read and discuss as a family. We will also have an Information Night for parents to attend on Wednesday, April 17th from 5:30 - 7pm. This will be the time to answer any questions as well as look at the material taught to your students during the Human Sexuality Unit. The Human Sexuality Unit will begin May 6, 2013.

Important Dates:

April 11th: Nervous System & Sensory Organs Quiz

April 17th: Human Sexuality Information Night from 5:30 - 7pm (Parents Only!)

April 18th: Human Sexuality Permission Slip Due!!

April 22nd: Disease Research & Storyboard Due today!!

April 29th: Entire Disease Project Due!!!