Student Engagement Survey

For Students in 2nd through 5th Grade

Dear parents/guardians,

We will be having our 2nd through 5th grade students complete a student engagement survey over the next couple of weeks. This data will be utilized as we create action steps for continual improvement here at LES. As adults we never want to stop learning and often times our students can be our best teachers if we take the time to listen. This survey will give them a voice. It will be completely anonymous and the questions are listed below and they will mark it either strongly disagree, disagree, mixed feelings, agree, strongly agree.

  1. Learning is important at my school.

  2. I enjoy art, music, and PE.

  3. My teacher cares about me.

  4. I feel safe at my school.

  5. School rules are fair.

  6. My school is clean.

  7. My principal is a good leader.

  8. I feel safe on the bus (only answer if you ride the bus)

  9. There is healthy food for me to eat at lunch.

  10. When I have a problem, I know how to get help.

  11. I set learning goals and track my progress.

  12. My teachers challenge me to think.

  13. My teachers ask me how I learn best.

  14. My teachers recognize me when I do good work.

  15. Students are nice to each other at my school.

  16. I like going to my school each day.

  17. Learning is fun at my school.

If you DO NOT want your child to fill out this survey, please CLICK HERE . We will need this filled out by Monday January 27th, by 7am.

Thanks in advance for helping us continually improve.


Sabine Hopper