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September 18th, 2014

Volume 2, Issue 2

Please take a few minutes to read over all the exciting things happening at Susitna Elementary School. The newsletter is sent directly to your email address(es) twice a month, so please make sure to keep the front office current on your preferred email contacts. Paper copies are available in the front office, or you can go to our school’s website to read this issue, or any others in the archive library.

Principal's Corner

At Susitna, our Superheroes-in-training are really beginning to soar! Special thanks to all of you who came to Open House this week. Your involvement and partnership has a powerful impact on your child's school achievement. So, thanks for all your help making sure your child gets plenty of rest each night, helping with homework, volunteering in the classroom or with school events, chaperoning/driving on field trips, and so much more!

One very important way you can help our school community is coming home today from our PTA. Look for information about the Super Read-A-Thon Fundraiser which can raise achievement in reading, AND money for our school community. Regardless of whether you want your child to actually fundraise, I hope you will allow them to participate in this 2-week Read-A-Thon to promote their own reading interest and skill. Remember, “readers are leaders!” So, thanks in advance for your consideration and support of your child’s participation in our Read-A-Thon!

Susitna always has exciting things going on for our students and families – running club, choir, basketball, Club Ki’L, and so much more! Please stay connected by reading our online newsletters (2x a month), class newsletters, and visiting our school website often. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can call, email, or drop by to talk with me.


Kim Bautista

Weather Ready . . . Superheroes need to stay warm . . .

Please help us keep students healthy and warm by sending them to school dressed appropriately for the cooling temperatures.

The "Wheels on the Bus Go ‘round, and ‘round . . . "

At least the wheels on the school bus will keep rolling, as long as students are being safe and responsible riders! If not, drivers give them a bus referral, and you get a note or phone call from me. Please take a few minutes to review the following bus expectations with your child(ren). Whether they ride daily, or just once in a while for a field trip, the expectations are the same.

Be Safe

· Remain seated

· Listen to the driver

· Walk – don’t run to the bus

Be Respectful

· Wait your turn

· Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

· Follow directions

Be Responsible

· Use inside voice

· Keep your stuff with you

· Be a model for all students

Be Friendly and Caring

  • Smile and greet others
  • Help others


Our students continue to receive fresh fruits and vegetables three times a week (Mon., Wed., and Fri.) thanks to a United States Department of Agriculture grant. The program is part of a nationwide effort to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in our schools.

PPD Information


I want to remind you that all kindergarteners and students who are new to the district will have to have a PPD (tuberculosis) test to remain in school. I will do the test in my office. The PPD is a little prick underneath the skin that will cause a tiny bubble. The area will have to be checked in two to three days to make certain there is no reaction. If there is a reaction I will send paperwork home and ask you to follow the directions on the forms for specific care at the Public Health Department.

Alaska is a state that has a high rate of tuberculosis so it is necessary to screen new students for potential exposure. Even if I your child should end up having a positive PPD (and every year there are a few) it will be unlikely that they will have the disease. It simply means that they have been exposed to someone who has it and needs to be treated so that they will be unlikely to acquire the disease in the future.

If you would prefer that your physician’s office or the Public Health Department administer the test that is fine, just let me know that you will have the test done elsewhere. I will need documentation of results before the end of October when my report is due to the state. Also, if you would like to be at school with your child when he or she receives the PPD that is an option as well, just tell me when you plan to show up.

I will do PPD testing Wednesday of next week. If you are a health care provider (a nurse or PA-C), and have a day off that you could assist me, I would welcome additional help. Please call me if you have any questions about the testing.


Anne McCarron, RN

Susitna School Nurse

Direct line – 742-1401

IGNITE - Including Gifted Needs In Today's Education

The IGNITE program is an enrichment based pullout program for gifted learners who meet the eligibility criteria under the Anchorage School District's Plan of Service for Gifted Students. The program is available to students in grades 2-6, offering enrichment opportunities that incorporate universal themes with classroom learning in alignment with the Common Core State Standards and goals. IGNITE students remain in their regular classroom for core instruction and attend IGNITE class for a 2-3 hour session each week at their home school. Referrals and requests for eligibility evaluation can be made by parents or by school staff. Testing is conducted throughout the school year per each teacher’s schedule.

For further information, please contact your child’s teacher and/or your school’s IGNITE teacher.

To find your child’s IGNITE teacher, check out our website:

PTA News

Click to view PTA website


Set a goal, get sponsors, READ, and SUCCEED!!! See hand-outs that came home with your child today, or contact your child’s teacher. Extra sponsor forms available in the office! If every student raises $25 we will raise over $10,000 for our school! “The more you read, the better you read, so read, read, READ, and earn awesome prizes and money for our school community!

Questions can be directed to our PTA - .
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