The Ancient Times

a time from the past



The Vikings wear not that mean of people as people think they were actually nice people. They like to sail around and find new land to live on. Also they farmed and took care of there farm animals. Yes they did have slave but that was for someone to help them.


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they wear leather and wool. Why they wear wool is because during the winter it was cold so they wear that to probably keep them warm. Also they wear leather probably to keep them safe in war. Because leather is really thick so that probably help them. why they probably wear leather shoes because sense they sail a lot they needed to keep there keep dry. So that probably help them


they growed wheat,cabbage,peas,onions,and other stuff like that. They also had sheep,cows,chickens, and other stuff

Where they lived

they sail around scottland,norway,and greenland. They lived in greenland and norway.
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They would put son or daughter at the end of there kids names. Also if one of their family members got hurt they would attacked the person who did it. Also they all lived together in one big house called a long house.
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The slaves would help farm, get wood for the fire, and help clean. The vikings had vikings stores where they could buy,sell,or trade for slaves.
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Women's work

The women would clean the house,make clothes,they made butter and cheese,and also directed the slaves.
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Men's work

Men hunted for food they also fish. Also they made the houses and build the boats. Also they made the tools.


The boats were light colors and was light. Why they were light because then they would go fast an sail easier.


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