Nuremberg Trials

Defendant: Alfred Jodl

By: Brittany Ramirez 1st BLK American History

Crimes, Conviction, and Sentencing

The CRIMES that ALFRED JODL committed were,
A.)Murder and ill treatment of civilian population in an occupied territories and on high seas because ALFRED had ordered that civilians in northern district of Norway, had to, as in made them leave the Northern district of Norway and burned their house down. They had done this to be secure and to make sure that they were not communicating with the Russians. Then after that they made everyone leave in a place in Finnmark County in Northern Norway, which lead to 30,000 houses being damaged. He was also aware that the there were a lot of arrest made in Belgrade in 1942, also that 15 to 30 civilians whom followed Mihalovic were shot day after day. ALFRED also initialed an order for Hitler saying that when provided, any enemy civilians that did any offenses against German Troops, should be killed without any kind of a military trial, the punishment could be a right in the case between any German soldiers who committed offenses against the enemy civilian. JODL also took the responsibility for the crimes that Rosenberg commit, they both had to take responsibility for the Rosenbergs crimes.
B.)Deportation of civilian populations of and in Occupied Territories for slave labor and for other purposes because ALFRED had known of the deportation of workers, he even once told Hitler the military commander of France reported that over 220,000 workers had been deported in the Reich for the past 6 months.
C.)Murder and ill treatment of prisoners of war, and of other members of the Armed Forces of the countries with whom Germany was at war and of persons on the high seas because on October 18, 1942 Hitler had command that commando troops. even in their uniforms, would be killed and not only when in battle, but also in flight or trying to attempted to surrender, it was issued by ALFRED JODL’S department. also when allied fliers had to land in Germany, sometimes they were killed by the civilians. The police whom were there had no orders to protect the allied fliers, or even punish the civilians whom lynched the allied fliers. They even considered the order to the shooting without the court or enemy airmen which had been made to come down after doing specific “acts of terror”, but we do not know for sure if that order had been issued. It is for sure that Keitel , and JODL had know hows on the lynchings, but they did not do anything to prevent these lynchings from happening, they had even considered giving them official justification. Alfred Jodl was convicted and sentenced to be hanged.

Reflection: What I Think Should have Happened

I think the crime, sort of was right, I think they should have had him spend a life sentence in prison, because with them executing them, they are letting them take the easy way out, and this way so they could spend their time there thinking about their crimes, and then they would hopefully regret what they did, and if not that's their choice.