GMOs-Overall Bad

Anushka Limaye, furnish, 7th

Detractors fear that GMs will pose health risks

A possibility exists that modifying food crops will introduce a new allergen. Another possibility is that bacteria in out guts will pick up genes in the plants that have antibiotic resistant genes. Scientists have already found many GMs with

GMOs will hurt small farmers

GMOS will be too expensive for small farmers, and may hurt their businesses. For example, farmers in India during the Green Revolution had to pay so much for the seeds that they were no better off than before. Therefore, we should definitely not invest in GMOs when they obviously won't help all that much. Even if farmers in developing countries don't growGM crops, they can still be hurt by them. For example, in the United States, Southern farmers may be hurt by northern farmers who can now grow through GMOs.

GMOs can harm the environment

Think about DDT. It seemed like the answer to pests, up until they realized that it was a terrible pesticide that actually harmed the environment quite a bit. GM could harm wildlife, and that's the simple fact of it. Not only that, just like mosquitos grew resistant to DDT, insects may become 'superbugs' resistant to pesticides in GM crops. And GMOS may themselves become weeds. THe may be harmless, or they may kill us all. The problem is, however, that we simply don't know. WE simply don't know the consequences of GMOS. We don't know the effects, and it's simply not worth the world to complete the experiment.

The population is also mostly against GMOs

People realize the consequences of GMOs, and they're not stupid. GMOs should not be implemented. and the public knows it. Fiddling with plans and animals is wrong. WHat right do we have to try and change genetics overnight? What right do we have to change the course of nature? Nature also doesn't mix fruits like grapes and apples, and even less to try and mix plants with animals(scientists once tried to put strawberries and fish together). We as humans have already proved a lack of wisdom, and I firmly believe that we'll mess this project up too.