The New Star Wars movie Go's Big

by Alex DeWitt

The fun movie

Star Wars re-awakens with the Force Awakens at the AMC movie theater in Dubuque, on December 18, 2015. Much of Dubuque have already seen the movie.

The seventh Star Wars was incredible with lots of cool features and effects. The AMC movie theater in Dubuque put the movie on to three screens the day it came out in theaters. "In every theater people were playing with glowing, plastic lightsabers every time there was a battle", said Spencer Reynolds, a person who saw the movie the day it came out. More than $2.5 million were given to George Lucas, the director of Star Wars, for the movie.

Almost twenty years ago the first Star Wars movie came out and was a huge hit. Star Wars was supposed to end after the sixth movie, but not anymore! There were nine comic books before the movies, so George Lucas decided to make a comeback and direct one movie per two years! Tickets for that movie were sold out by December second. After that, the weekend came and even more tickets were sold out.

The premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens, is the number one american movie out today. Although it is rated PG-13, nobody has ever heard anyone say that the movie wasn't good and most likely nobody ever will. Wait for two years because the next Star Wars movie will be a very awesome motion picture.

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