November 16,2012


A hurricane is one of the most powerful storms in the world. It is made up of strong powerful winds, and carries large amounts of debris. A hurricane's winds are so strong they can damage houses, large buildings, and can even cause heavy precipitation such as snow, flooding, and severe thunderstorms. A hurricane is very deadly; they can kill thousands of people in just minutes. Hurricanes are very dangerous storms.

Hurricane Information

How do hurricanes form? Hurricanes can form from disturbances in warm ocean waters with surface temperatures of at least eighty degrees. Hurricanes are the strongest in the water than on land. Hurricanes gain energy from warm and moist ocean air. They can weaken when warm water and cooler water come together. Hurricanes are very powerful on land as well. But they are just the most powerful in water. Hurricanes have very high wind speed; but if a hurricane has met the limit of the speed it is considered to be on the Hurricanes wind speed scale.

Hurricanes and names

Have you ever wondered how hurricanes get their names? The national Hurricane Center has six list of names. They use those names over and over again, but if it just so happens a storm is but so strong the hurricane is retired from the list. Back then they only used to name them girl names, but now they name them girl and boy names.

My hurricane in history

Have you ever heard of hurricane Charley? Well here are some facts to get you started. One interesting fact is that Charley's highest wind speed is up to 150 mph. That's a 4 on the hurricane wind speed scale. Another is during Charley there were over 35 death. They say Charley is the most devastating hurricane since Andrew

Hurricane Closing

Hurricanes are fun to study about; they interesting. But know that hurricanes are very dangerous and deadly. They can kill and damage hundreds of houses and people in minutes. So be safe! Hurricanes are fun to study about, but not fun to experience.

Written by: Kaylin Owen