Settle Music

November 2103 - New Instruments Plus

Welcome to the Settle Music Shop

Here's a selection of the instruments that we have in and a few other bits besides!

Guitars @ Settle Music

We have a fine selection of guitars that should suit all musical tastes and abilities. From entry level 3/4 classicals, through acoustic and electrics to hand-made carbon fibre specials.

The Brunswick range of acoustics

Other Acoustics

Electric Guitars

Stentor SX Bass


We have a range of Ukulele, from the very popular Vintage starter uke up to the very impressive LAG and Brunswicks. In various sizes too, so something for the whole family.

Mandola - £69

Cigar Box Guitars - From £95

Woodwind / Brass

And it's not just fretted instruments, we keep examples of the brass, woodwind, and stringed instruments that we can supply.


Other items

We have plenty of other items too, from keyboard, amplifiers, percussion, accessories, books and CDs.

AND a range of affordable stocking fillers that will be appreciated by the musician in your life....

CDs - From £6.99

MyAmp - £299


Sundry items