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The Volume-Inator!

The Volume-Inator

My product is called the Volume-Inator. The Volume-Inator can mute other people’s voices, Turn the volume up and down on things like TVs and it can project your voice. I chose to make this product because there are so many other things on the market that only do one specific thing so I decided to take a couple of them and combine them all into one very effective device. It’s a mix of a microphone, a TV remote and ear muffs. The one thing that wasn’t one the market that I really wish I had a lot was something to mute people that just simply talked too much so I wouldn’t have to hear all of it. I think that this is a good product for 12-18 year olds because since they are in school there is bound to be a handful of kids who are just really annoying so when they try to talk to you you can just mute them. When they are watching TV or listening to music and the remote is somewhere else or the radio is far away you can just turn the volume up with your mind so you don’t have to get up. When you are asked to present something in class you can use the Volume-Inator to project your voice so everyone can hear you. That is my product the Volume-Inator!

Release of the Volume-Inator!

Thursday, Aug. 1st 2013 at 12am

J.A.M. Industries

We will be revealing the Volume-Inator for the first time and we only have a limited supply so come quickly or you'll miss it. Also the first 50 to come get a free Volume-Inator. This is the best chance you'll get at getting the Volume-Inator so don't miss out!