DC Trip


Things I liked

I really liked when we went to Mount Vernon because the blacksmith shop was really neat. I also liked the 9/11 memorial because it was quiet and peaceful so the rest of the class was not being disruptive and annoying. I did not really like the fact that we did not go to the Teddy Roosevelt memorial because it is really neat and on it's own personal island. I thought it was funny when Mrs. Cape said that William Howard Taft got stuck in his bathtub in the White House. My favorite part was when we sat by the Washington Monument and talked, a kid fell in and some people helped him out which was funny.

Really Interesting Things

I thought it was really interesting when we went to the Denmark Embassy because they were really nice. I also thought it was interesting when we went to the Iwo Jima because when you drive around the circle it appears that the flag is raising. The rose window in the cathedral was neat as was all the cathedral because it was built without government money. There was also a place under the Jefferson that was really neat and a little freaky. I also thought the most interesting thing is that the people in the Iwo Jima monument are not the right people.
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