Hilltop Herald - Parent Edition

Be Respectful ~ Be Responsible ~ Be Resilient

Volume 2 ~ Issue 4 ~ August 7, 2023

Marvelous Falcon Families,

“If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.” ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It is hard to imagine that we are beginning the fourth week of school. And as we enter it, I want to spend time discussing the concept of self-respect. According to research, for anyone to be socially and emotionally competent, it is necessary to develop our own sense of self-respect. When we attain self-respect, we develop a sense of social awareness that take into consideration the idea of "OTHERS BEFORE ME." We realize that we are not the only one in our universe or space; rather, others will be in our spaces whether we want to or not. Knowing this, it helps us to make sound decisions that allow us to maintain our self-respect. In speaking with you this week, some of you have said, "Well, he or she need to respect me." Unfortunately, none of us can compel others to respect us. The only person of whom you are in control is YOU. You can compel you to respect yourself. Thus, every decision BEGINS and ENDS with YOU, including respecting yourself. When you respect yourself, it is easy to respect others. When you disrespect yourself, it is easy to disrespect others. This week, when you interact with other students and teachers and other staff ask yourself, "Do my actions show others I respect me? If the answer is YES, then continue with how you conduct yourself. If the answer is NO, then it is time to reflect on actions that disrespect you and do those acts which demonstrate your respect for yourself.

We Need Elected Parents for Various School Committees

Parents, if you interested in running for a position for one of our school and district committees, please click on this LINK to learn about the different positions. Voting will occur on Open House and will be sent to you as well. Then contact Ms. Claudia Garcia at claudia.garcia3@sweetwaterschools.org.

PE Dressing Out Information

Students will dress out in PE starting Monday, August 7th. PE teachers will be engraving locks tomorrow and Tuesday of this week, issuing lockers Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be makeups for anyone absent or who forgot to bring their lock. Parents, it is important that students bring their locks this week. PE teachers do not issue lockers if they don't physically have the lock with them at the time of assignment. If you need help with acquiring locks, please let an administrator know.

Athletics Information Has Been Updated

Families, for those of you who have students who plan on playing sports this year, the information has just been updated. Athletics is run through the Falcon Flight Program; thus, your child must be enrolled in Falcon Flight prior to the first week of practice. Ms. Pulido sent out an updated email last Friday. It is below. We will be holding an athletics parent meeting prior to the start of the first week of practice.

Picture Day is August 22-23, 2023

Staff, we are all required to wear visible ID cards on campus. Please make sure that you take time to take your picture on one of these days. Your face MUST BE VISIBLE on your ID. No coverings, including masks for COVID, are allowed. If you want to do a funny staff picture and it is appropriate, you may take a second picture for the year.

Finally, below are important information regarding HTM. Please read the information on the images provided so that you know as much information as possible.


Mrs. Finley

Falcon Flight Athletics Information

Falcon Families, please read the information below regarding athletic clearance to play.

Dear Falcon Families,

Fall Sport Tryouts for girls and boys basketball, baseball and softball begin in a few weeks. Softball and Girls Basketball will be August 14th and 15th. Boys basketball and baseball will take place August 17th and 18th. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Students need to be enrolled in Falcon Flight Program (8 hr/week attendance requirement) 3 days.
  2. Students must be cleared through Register My Athlete/Aktivate online (no physical is needed). Click HERE to enter Aktivate.
  3. Fall Games begin September 9.

I've included a calendar, steps to clear on Aktivate and application for Falcon Flight.
If you are already enrolled in the after school program, all you'll need is clearance on Aktivate. Please get that taken care of by the end of next week. Students not cleared will not be allowed to participate.

I apologize for any inconvenience for those who have already gotten a physical. With personnel changes at the district level, we couldn't schedule our athletics meeting any sooner than this week.

Ms. Pulido

2023-2024 ASES ENROLLMENT FORM.docx.pdf
Steps to Clearing a Student Athlete on Aktivate.pdf

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HTM Open House on August 16, 2023

Falcon families, below is the flyer for this year's Open House. Please join us for the Title 1 Parent Meeting. We will also vote for our parent representatives for various councils and committees we have.

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Falcons Scholar Begins Monday, August 7, 2023

Studentsl, go to the cafeteria if you need help with your classes.

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Saturday Academy Begins August 12, 2023

Falcons, if you have already been absent, you can make up one absence this Saturday

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HTM Media Center Support

Teachers, please encourage students to take advantage of the tutoring space that the library center provides in the morning and during lunch.

23-24 Welcome to the HTM Library!
Picture Day is August 22 & 23, 2023

Parents, here is the information for picture day. Please go to mylifetouch.com to pre-order your children's photo.

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School Map

For your information

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Click HERE to Access the Student & Parent Handbook

This handbook is the guide to all the protocols in place at Hilltop Middle School. It is interactive in that you can click on the page number associated with the topic from the table of contents and it will take your there.